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January 5, 2006


1/5 - Joseph H. Thompson in Erie, PA - Joe James


1/5 - Erie, PA - Mike Nichols

Sunken Lansdowne

Closer view

Buckeye awaiting her fate.

1/4 - Michipicoten in Marquette - Lee Rowe

Michipicoten bow view

Wide view

Dusty load.

Chutes down for work.

1/4 - Owen Sound lay up fleet - Ed Saliwonchyk

l-r. Algorail, Agawa Canyon and Algomarine.

1/3 - The Manistee loading at the Beemsterboer dock across from Carmeuse in the Calumet River at 106th Street. - Tom Milton

1/3 - Port Huron Traffic - Tom Welles

James R. Barker, down bound under the Blue Water Bridges enroute with coal for Recors.

Stern view.

Small fishing tug returns to Sarnia from a choppy Lake Huron

Coast Guard fast response boat returns to Station Port Huron.

1/3 New Albums in the Public Galleries

Highlight for Album: Untitled



1/2 - Owen Sound Activity - Ed Saliwonchyk


(l-r) Cuyahoga unloading at Great Lakes Elevator, Algorail rafted to the laid up Agawa Canyon.

1/2 - American Republic in the winding Cuyahoga River -  Steven Giese

One of the tight turns in downtown Cleveland.

Overall view.

Tight squeeze under one of the lift bridges.

Bow thruster hard at work.

Pilothouse has four control stations and a good rear view.

Four rudders are visible in this shot.

1/1 - Owen Sound Traffic - Ed Saliwonchyk

Cuyahoga arriving in Owen Sound.

Agawa Canyon approaching the inner harbour in Owen Sound.

Moving into mooring position along the east wall of the harbour.

1/1 - Historical Perspectives - Rudi Rabe

Liquilassie ~ Detroit River 1960's

Liquilassie stern view

Simcolite up bound in the St. Marys River 1930ís

Parker Evans, Helen Evans, & New York News up bound Whitefish Bay April 1975

Parker Evans, Helen Evans, & New York News up bound Whitefish Bay April 1975

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