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January 23, 2006

1/23 - Paul H. Townsend after conversion from a Navy C-1 to a cement carrier while waiting to depart Bethlehem Steel in Hoboken for the Great Lakes. You can see the original 380 foot hull form. The ship's superstructure has been modified, cut down, and secured to the forward main deck. I'm assuming they left it there for transit through low bridges and then must have been reassembled on top of the stern house once she got to the Great Lakes. Then, a few years later, the ship was lengthened and the pilothouse was moved up to the bow, as you see the ship today. I also noticed some unusual materials on deck, there seems to be either pipe assemblies or some sort of tanks sitting on the Starboard side, amidships. They might be some sort of deck cargo being shipped some where along the way to the Lakes. Brian Wroblewski

1/23 - Escanaba Traffic - Dick Lund

Burns Harbor at anchor, Mesabi Miner (loading) & Great Lakes Trader at dock

Mesabi Miner & Great Lakes Trader at dock

Mesabi Miner loading

Great Lakes Trader waiting at the dock

Burns Harbor waits out in Bay de Noc.

Tug Fischer Hayden in the slip at the dock with work barge Hannah Avery.

1/22 - Joseph H. Thompson, J. S. St. John and Cason J. Callaway in Erie, PA - Roman Kloecker

1/22 - Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin Laid Up In Goderich - Dale Baechler

Bow view.

Overhead view from the bluff.

Wide view of harbor with Canadian Progress loading at Sifto Salt.

Stern close up

1/22 - Thunder Bay Lay Ups - Rob Farrow



Donald Mac and Peninsula


1/22 - Port Colborne Lay Up Fleet - Alex Howard


Canadian Enterprise

Stern view


CSL Tadoussac

Another angle

Stern view

CSL Tadoussac and John D. Leitch

CSL Assiniboine

Stern view

Joseph H. Frantz

Bow section.

John D. Leitch

Stern view

Kinsman Independent life boats

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