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January 25, 2006


1/25 - Frontenac Laid Up in Midland - Eric May


1/25 Milwaukee Lay Up Fleet - Paul Erspamer

JAW Iglehart, amidships

JAW Iglehart, bow view

JAW Iglehart, stern view

Integrity (on left) and JAW Iglehart (right

Kaye E. Barker, with anchors down and steering pole stowed

Kaye E. Barker, showing bow thruster

Kaye E. Barker, stern view

Kaye E. Barker, last weekend in service

Fish Tugs on Kinnickinnic River

Maple (former lighthouse service and Coast Guard tender) stern view

Maple (bow view)

Lake Express cross-lake ferry, in Burnham Canal (Menomonee River)

1/25 - More Sturgeon Bay Lay Up Shots - Dick Lund

Wilfred Sykes bow view

New LaFarge tug, Samuel de Champlain

Barge Innovation and Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain and the notch in the Innovation

Another view of the barge and tug

Arthur M. Anderson (outside) and John G. Munson (inside)

Bow of the Stewart J. Cort and stern of the Paul R. Tregurtha

Stern view of the Wilfred Sykes

Herbert C. Jackson and Lee A. Tregurtha

Multi-colored stern view of the Stewart J. Cort (boom extended)

Closer view of the different colors of paint on the Cort

1/23 - Toledo Lay Up Fleet - Steve Dains

American Spirit 

Armco and John J. Boland

Middletown and Armco

John J. Boland, John G. Munson and Oglebay Norton

John J. Boland

Middletown and Armco

Armco stern view

Rotary car dumper at CSX Coal Dock

Diesel pusher used to bring coal car to the dumper

1/23 - Cleveland Lay up Fleet - Kent Gurney

l-r; McKee Sons, Fred R. White and Wolverine

Sam Laud

/23 - New billboard being erected to advertise Vantage Point and Boatnerd World Headquarters


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