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2007 BoatNerd Trip Raffle Winners


7/26 - Raffle Winners return home - Dawn C. Roberts

 Aboard the J. W. Westcott mail boat

Lee A. Tregurtha approaching, as seen from the mail boat doorway

Photographing the photographers

Not much space to work in when sending up the mail.

 Look at those happy faces!

Captain Nuzzo lowering the flags

Approaching the Severstal Dock

Back to the real world.

7/25 - Passing Windmill Pointe as their trip winds down - Alex and Max Mager


Enjoying their last hours on the boat

Down bound into the Detroit River

7/24 - Boatnerd cruisers arriving in Saginaw Bay on Saturday - Mary Ledbetter



7/24 - Passing Port Huron on Friday - Dick Wicklund

Everybody must be in the galley.

7/24 - Anxious group concerned about the Lee A. taking on repair parts at the Soo Carbide dock on June 30 - Matt Miner


7/24 - In the Rouge River at the start of the trip - Wade Streeter



Headed out to the Detroit River

7/23 - Boatnerd Raffle Winners aboard the Lee A. Tregurtha passing Windmill Pointe - Lisa Mager

Here they come, approaching Windmill Pointe

They're looking for us!

Beautiful bow

They've spotted us!

Into Lake St. Clair they go


7/23 -  As seen from aboard the Reserve - Scott Thomlinson

Lee A. Tregurtha approaches with raffle winners outside the pilothouse.

Raffle winner Keith enjoys his trip with his guests Angie, Mary and Barry.

The Lee falls astern of the Reserve, St. Clair Crib Light at left.

7/23 - Lee A. Tregurtha arriving in Marquette - Rod Burdick



7/23 - Watching the loading process in Marquette - Lee Rowe

Angie, Keith, Mary & Barry

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