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January 31, 2006


1/31 - With access to the bulk cargo dock in Milwaukee's inner harbor blocked by vessels in lay-up, Canadian Progress delivered its load of salt while backed into Terminal 1 in the outer harbor. - Paul Erspamer

Canadian Progress


1/31 - Milwaukee Inner Harbor Lay Up Fleet - Paul Erspamer

Integrity (left) Mesabi Miner bow (right)

Integrity, with its tug and Iglehart (on left)

Integrity bow with anchor down

Burns Harbor bow (from Iglehart stern)

Burns Harbor stern propellers showing

Burns Harbor pilothouse and accommodations

Mesabi Miner with fish tug (left)

Mesabi Miner bow with thruster showing

Mesabi Miner stern

Mesabi Miner, port crane working on unloader

1/31 - Capt Gerry Kramer pilots his Jungle Cruiser on the Black River past BoatNerd World Headquarters on their way to the St. Clair River and a Lake Huron Cruise enjoying the sunny weather - Frank Frisk.



1/31- Tug & Barge activity in Muskegon - Bill Bell

Tug Holly Ann arrived with two covered barges at Mart Dock

New Lafarge tug Samuel de Champlain stern view at Andrie tug dock

Bow view of Champlain

 Close-up of pushing bow

Close-up of Barbara Andrie and barge

Andrie tugs Rebecca Lynn and Barbara Andrie with oil barges laid up at Mart Dock (Both arrived over the week-end)

Cranes offload Holly Marine Covered barges

Close-up of tug Holly Ann

1/30 - A strangely warm, windy day on the River in Detroit and Windsor - Tom Welles

Samuel Risley, docked in Windsor, Ont. waiting for ice.

The Tour boat Detroit Princess, docked in Detroit.

Detroit's river skyline awaits the Super Bowl.

1/29 - Historical Perspective - Brian Wroblewski
 Two pictures from the early to mid 1950's showing the City Ship Canal and Buffalo River. Without getting out my magnifying glass I was able to spot 24 boats in the 1st picture and the second one has at least 34 boats, and these pictures only show about half of the Buffalo's total port facilities

Note the vessel in the Buffalo Dry Dock in the middle right of the picture.

Many boats lined up in the Ship Canal parallel to the beach on the left side.

1/29 - Busy Day in Goderich - Dale Baechler

Busy winter day in Goderich.

Algoway waiting while Peter R. Cresswell loads at Sifto Salt.

Peter R. Cresswell loading at Sifto Salt

Cresswell leaving

Algoway backing around to take her place on the Sifto dock.

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