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February 2, 2006


2/2 - Today's project for winter maintenance was to remove one of the bridge wheel assemblies on the ship loader. While working on the wheel assembly the Algosar headed up river. - Bob Vincent

Wheel assembly to be removed for repair.

Steve Elbert guiding the 200 ton jacks to raise the ship loader

Bobcat operator Jim Reeves maneuvering the jack into place.

Electrician checking the controls on the hydraulic pump.

Mark Stevens controls the jacks.

Wheel assembly removed.

Close up of the gear/wheel assembly

Idaho leading the Algosar up river to the BP Dock.

"G tug Idaho

2/2 - Montreal Lay Up Fleet - Laurent


Montrealais and Algonorth

Montrealais stern anchor


Algonorth and Montrealais


What is left of Windoc accommodations


2/1 - The G & G tug Jake Express, ex lakes tug Jake Kadinger, outbound at Fort Lauderdale towing barge Bahama Pride - Capt. William A. Hoey


2/1 - One Year Ago - What a difference in weather - Tom Welles

Last January, we witnessed the Paul Tregurtha slugging her way through on the late season coal run from Ohio to Sault Ste Marie.

Hollyhock leads Big Paul from the Belle Isle Anchorage before dawn on 1-27-05.

The going got tough in the St. Clare River from Harsens Island past Algonac.

CCG Griffon had spent the night keeping a track open from Marine City to Lake St. Clair

2/1 - Erie, PA Lay Up Fleet - Jerry Skrypzak

Buckeye awaiting her conversion at Erie Shipbuilding

Another view

Tug Joseph H. Thompson Jr.

Cason J. Callaway

Barge Joseph H. Thompson, Cason J. Callaway and J. S. St. John

Sunken Lansdowne

Overhead view


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