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February 4, 2006


2/4 - Historical Perspectives - Salvaging the City of Sarnia in 1947 - Rich Kelly

2/3 - Security in Detroit for Super Bowl XL - Tom Welles

CCG Griffon docked in Windsor, Ont.

Hollyhock docked behind Detroit Princess, Near Cobo Hall, in Detroit

Hollyhock sporting machine guns, mounted fore and aft.

Fast Response Boats, Armed, assisted be Border Patrol and Detroit Police patrol boats.

Neah Bay patrols the outer security zone boundary.

Mariners Church, on Jefferson Ave.

2/3 - Coast Guard on the Detroit River for Super Bowl XL - Don Coles


2/3 - Western Lake Erie scenes - Mike Nichols

Toledo's replica Canal Passenger boat Sandpiper in La Salle, MI

Tug Birmco at Toledo Beach Marina.

Another view

2/3 - 1950's Sarnia newspaper clipping showing the late Chief Eng. Sam McLeod
in the engine room of the John Ericsson


2/3 - Historical Perspective - Buffalo's Museum Ship USS Little Rock - Brian Wroblewski

On the launch ways during WW II

At sea in her first appearance as an all gun cruiser in the 40's.

In Philadelphia on re-commissioning day as a Guided Missile Light Cruiser in the summer of 1960.

Stern shot showing the new stern missile house with two of her powerful, long range Talos Anti-Aircraft/Surface to Surface/Anti-Radar missiles loaded onto the launch rails and ready to defend the fleet.

Under tow by two G Tugs on the way through the Welland Canal above the Flight Locks heading to Buffalo to become a museum ship in 1976. Notice the chopped down lattice masts for transit through the bridges in the Welland Canal.

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