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February 8, 2006


2/8 - International Ship Masters Association 116th Annual Grand Lodge Convention - Roger LeLievre

The Grand Lodge.

Newly-elected ISMA Grand President Ronald Brezinski (left), Grand First Vice President Russell Brohl, Grand Second Vice President Robert Haller and Grand Secretary Treasurer George "Skip" Skuggen.

2/8 - Historical Perspective - USCGC Mackinaw (WAGB-83) on her first official trip into Cheboygan and some trips around Calcite/Rogers City - Steve Haverty

Sitting at her berth in Cheboygan in original configuration. Note pilot house windows.

Stern view from across the river

: Looking up river at one of the old Straits car ferries with the crew looking on as she heads in.

View from shore as she makes the dock. Note the honor guard standing in the foreground.

A look at the Calcite stone facility from out in the bay, with the Michigan Limestone "Grey Fleet" still in lay up.

Steam "G" Tug Ashtabula assisting while workers aboard the A. E. Nettleton look on. She could be leaving the shipyard in this photo.

Unidentified dignitary shaking hands with an officer at the bottom of the gangway.

Bow lookout as they enter the Straits, with no bridge. The bridge wouldn’t be built for over a decade after this photo was taken.

Michigan Limestone fleet at lay up in Calcite, Carl D. Bradley II, John G. Munson (Carl D. Bradley I, Irvin L. Clymer) and T. W. Robinson

Crew member taking a bearing on the gyro repeater using a Azimuth circle.

Welcoming committee in Cheboygan, band, crowd and Honor Guard all visible.

Head table at the Gold Front Ball Room in Cheboygan at the welcome ceremony.

Stern view after passing through swing bridge with two old Steam G Tugs following.

Another view of the “Grey Fleet” in lay up at Calcite

Another view of the welcoming crowd in Cheboygan.

Another with crew leaving in a single file line.

Bow view with crew looking on and flags waving in foreground.


2/8 - Historical Perspectives - Ships to Remember

Le Chene No.1, Ex-Edward Simard
Cape Dyer NWT in early 1980's
Robert Goulet photo

Le Frene No.1, Ex-Joseph Simard

Canal Trader

Canal Trader, ex-Industrial Transport

Canal Trader

Canal Trader at Balboa, Panama

Dolphin No.1, Ex-James Transport

Fort St. Louis

James Transport, now-Dolphin No.1

Olympic Pride, Ex-Herbert Gaucher

2/6 - Duluth Lay Up Fleet - Chris Mazzella

View of the lay up at the Port terminal. From left to right: Edwin Gott, Philip R. Clarke, Roger Blough and Edgar Speer.

 James R. Barker at Midwest Energy

View of the Gott at Garfield C

Philip Clarke at Garfield D.

 Charles M Beeghly at Fraser Shipyards.

 Stern views of the Earl W. Oglebay and American Mariner in drydock.

Sand blasting being done on the Mariner.

View of the Fraser lay up last weekend

Walter J. McCarthy Jr. and Reserve at Hallet 5

2/6 - Atlantic Superior's change of homeport - Mac Mackay.

Still flying a tattered Canadian flag.

New homeport on port side stern.

And on the starboard side.

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