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February 13, 2006


2/13 - Historical Perspective Bethlehem Steel, Lackawwana, NY - Brian Wroblewski

The Lackawanna Bethlehem Steel plant under demolition after basic steel making shut down in 1985 with the Indiana Harbor laid up in the Lackawanna Canal.

Kinsman Enterprise & Independent laid up for winter in 1992 at the Gateway Metroport Terminal. That was probably the last time a straight decker, let alone two straight deckers, tied up there.

2/12 - Advertisement on the inside cover of February 6 issue of  Family Magazine - Fran Frisk


2/12 - Capt. Henry Jackman makes a u-turn in front of Boatnerd Headquarters - Frank Frisk

2/12 - Tug John M. Selvick at work - Jeff Rogers

John M. Selvick Indiana Harbor to Calumet Harbor pushing empties.

John M. Selvick pushed three empties from Chicago to Milwaukee to be loaded at the Nidera Dock. Laying for weather.

Nine pack of empties being pushed by John M Selvick. Indiana Harbor to Calumet Harbor.

2/9 - Historical Perspective - Thunder Bay 1981 - Dick Wicklund

George M. Carl

Hochelaga and Simcoe


2/9 - Carl Schmedeman up bound above Welland Lock 7 in 1963 - Al Howard


2/9 - Montreal Lay Up Fleet - Laurent

 Nindawayma at rest

Nindawayma showing wear and showing her 'undies...'

Algoport at Shed 4

Algoport rudder and prop

Algoport  accommodations

Algoport's 'Hawaian' skirt on her unloader

 'Port's' bow

Algoport and Windoc Showing her camping gear (tent)

Algoisle at section M3

Oceanex Avalon

Algonorth and Montrealais at Shed 3

Brrrrrrrrr. Pity my shutter finger....

2/9 - Lay Up of Buffalo in Sturgeon Bay - Roger Hewlett

Arthur M. Anderson, Adam E. Cornelius, and Lee A. Tregurtha. David Z. Norton and Paul R. Tregurtha in background.

Wilfred Sykes and American Republic

John G. Munson damaged bow rail from Two Harbors Incident

Buffalo in for complete generator replacement (3 units).

Buffalo engine crew going home for the winter. Awaiting bus to Green Bay Airport and to Alpena.
(l-r) Steward Assistant Mo Sali;  Baker Peter;  Chief Engineer Mac Lamp;  Relief 3rd Asst. Engineer Andrew White; 3rd Asst. Brendt McConnell;  2nd Asst. Jim Beland;  1st Asst. Engineer Patrick Orban

QMED-Oiler Roger Hewlett awaiting bus to go to airport

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