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February 12, 2006


2/12 - Historical Perspective - Steve Haverty
Scanned from file originals in the Great Lakes Lore museum in Rogers City

Brand new flagship Myron C. Taylor arriving Two Harbors Minnesota on her Maiden Voyage in 1929 to load taconite.

Myron C. Taylor unloading date and location unknown, but the William J. Olcott and another steamship are visible which may help date photo.

Myron C. Taylor in port. I cannot tell if she is loading or unloading at this point or even where it is as I have never seen rigs like that before.

Wintery deck view on the Myron C. Taylor from #2 hatch looking at the cabins and the back of the dog house.

Full deck view on same day.

Myron C. Taylor in dry dock

Stern view of the classic stern, which at the time was common place.

Stern view of her leaving port while a self unloader yet still a steamer. Dated between 1956-1968.

William G. Clyde leaving the Soo up bound for a lake superior port.

Calcite II fresh out of the shipyard after being converted to a self unloader over the winter of 1960-1961.

Another shot of her after her conversion, steaming up on the lake.

Fresh out of the shipyard after being re-powered from her original Triple Expansion to a Nordberg slow speed Diesel. 1964.

 Bow shot of her after re-powering in 1964.

Cedarville early in her career as a self-unloading steamer. 1957-1960

Rogers City at her christening and naming ceremony. Had just been renamed from B.H. Taylor, year 1957.

Rogers City being assisted by the tug Washington.

Rogers City loading stone at Cedarville with another Bradley boat to the right.

Rogers City with a deck load of coal in the Detroit River.

Rogers City getting mail from the J.W. Westcott II

John G. Munson at the fitout dock in 1952, still a long way to go before she is completed and ready to sail.

Stern shot of the Munson at the fit out dock in 1952

Munson being towed out of Manitowoc by the Reiss tug Green Bay on her way to her maiden voyage.

Leaving the breakwall in Manitowoc.

Munson off to load her first cargo





Later in her career the Munson all iced up.

Close up of the bull nose, and the rolling chock on the bow.

Deck view in Fraser Shipyards in Superior, with some extensive work being done. The Edward B. Greene docked behind her.

Historic view of the Munson against the upper dock, Clymer alone then the Calcite II, Cedarville, Rogers City, and T.W. Robinson from left to right rafted together in lay up also with the Limestone upper, and Dolomite lower sitting in lay up. Winter lay up of 1964-65, this is pretty rare in itself as this was the only lay up that the Cedarville and the Calcite II shared where they were basically identical in appearance and that this was the last one that the Cedarville was in, it looks to be early 1965 and the Cedarville is beginning to either fit out or lay up but looking at the ice conditions, it appears to be fit out.

Close up of the Munson with the sterns of the 5 other Bradley boats

Length shot of the Munson.

Myron C. Taylor steamer shot, this time a bow shot.

Myron C. Taylor dated sometime between 1961 and 1965.

2/12 - Buffalo Fire Boat Edward M. Cotter in previous configurations - Brian Wroblewski
As the William S. Grattan showing some of her older configurations as built and then rebuilt for the first time with a new upper superstructure & funnels after a disastrous fire that burned her to the hull.

2/12 - Greater Buffalo and Greater Detroit - Brian Wroblewski


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