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February 22, 2006


2/22 - Peter R. Cresswell arrives in icy Goderich - Dale Baechler

2/21 - An image captured from the Detroit web cam on Monday, February 20th of the Peter R. Cresswell up bound in the Detroit River for Goderich, Ontario to load salt. - Philip Nash


2/19 -CCGS Samuel Risley at her home berth of the CCG Base in Parry Sound. Also in the photo is the CCGS Cove Isle. - Leslie Reading.


Historical Perspective - US Steel Gary Works early1900's - Tom Milton
The photos from the early 1900s are preserved at Calumet Regional Archives, Indiana University Northwest Library.

Hulett Unloaders
"15 tons to the bite"

Unloading 1909


1913 - A. H. Filbert leaving the harbor.

2/17 - Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin in Goderich - Barb & Bob Carey


2/15 - Historical Perspective - Scenes from the whaleback John Ericsson from the collection of the late Chief Engineer Sam McLeod.

In dry dock.

Stuck in the ice.

View from the after deckhouse in heavy weather.

2/14 - Historical Perspective - McQueen tugs in ice, photos by Capt. Cliff Morrison - Rod Morrison

Atomic in ice was probably taken in the late 40's or early 50's. Note size of lettering on the bow.

Atomic bow shot was taken approx. 1963 or 1964 en route to Pelee Island with fuel She had a fuel tank on her stern and the tug Buoy Girl with an extra tank on her was tied astern to help thru the ice.

Atomic in Lake St Clair with tug Amherstburg en route to the Thames River.

Amherstburg taken in Lake Erie en route to Pelee Island with fuel.

Patricia McQueen in Lake Erie sometime between 1936 and 1940. Note old wheel house. New house was added after WWII. The tug spent the war around Halifax.

The Progresso probably taken in the 1930's in Lake Erie

2/14 - Historical Perspective - Brian Wroblewski

US Navy Heavy Cruiser USS MACON coming up through the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1959. She is seen in the locks of the lower Seaway, the Welland Canal, and also docked in Cleveland. Notice she's missing the tops of her masts for transit through the bridges of the Seaway. She was the only Heavy Cruiser to ever transit the Lakes, and nothing came close to her size until the Light Cruiser Little Rock was towed to Buffalo in 1976. The MACON may hold the lakes speed record for a ship for her full military power run across Lake Erie after clearing the Welland Canal behind schedule after damaging her propeller guards on her way to Chicago for a Naval Ship's Review. The ship also visited Buffalo on her way back to Boston at the end of her tour.

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