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March 18, 2006


3/18 - Soo Activity on Friday - Roger LeLievre

Katmai Bay up bound at Mission Point.

Mackinaw tied up at the West Pier for the night.


3/18 - Agawa Canyon in Owen Sound - Ed Saliwonchyk

Old plate removed from Agawa Canyon during repairs

Hole cut in the hull to facilitate repairs is still to be closed.

3/18 - USCGC Bristol Bay arriving in Owen Sound - Ed Saliwonchyk


3/17 - Mackinaw (WAGB-83) and CCG Samuel Risley up bound thru the Poe Lock - Soo Cams

Risley heading into the Poe.

Mackinaw already in the Poe.

Both ice breakers in the Poe.

Mackinaw leaving the Poe.

Risley leaving the Poe.

Heading under the International Bridge.

Mackinaw cutting a path out the west approach.

Risley widening the path as both breakers head up the St. Marys River.

3/17 - Toledo Lay Up Fleet - Bob Vincent

Tug Bessie B

Bessie B's three propellers

Courtney Burton

Steam up on the Burton.

H. Lee White

Sarah Spencer outside Toledo Ship Repair

3/17 - Tug Princess in the Rouge River - Mike Nichols


3/17 - Canadian Olympic heading into drydock at Port Weller - Rob Hartley

3/13 - LS&I Ore Dock, Marquette - Lee Rowe

New pocket doors are getting completed in time for the coming shipping season at the Marquette ore dock. These will be air-powered doors. Dock workers will still be needed to raise and lower the chutes, but pin knockers will no longer be used on the south side of the dock.

Workers installing the new pocket doors.

Completed doors.

3/13 - Breaking ice in Goderich Harbor - Dale Baechler

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