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March 20, 2006


3/20 - Scenes from the Twin Ports - Chris Mazzella

Former bumboat docked next to the Superior ore dock.

Philip R. Clarke preparing for another season.

Smoke coming out of her funnel.

 Edwin H. Gott at Port Terminal

You can just barely see smoke coming from her left funnel.

Reserve sitting quietly at Hallett Dock 5 with the McCarthy Jr. behind her.

American Mariner in drydock with her boom raised.

3/20 - Early Season Activity in Escanaba and Marinette - Dick Lund

Burns Harbor loading taconite - it looks like it took some freezing spray on the way up to Escanaba.

Burns Harbor and Great Lakes Trader at the dock along with the tug, Fischer Hayden, and barge, Hannah Avery.

Pere Marquette 41 loading tailings at Marinette Fuel & Dock on Sunday.

A front end loader moves the tailings into place, while a crane aboard the barge loads it onto the vessel.

3/20 - The tug "Cambrian" slumbering through the Canadian winter at Parry Sound, Ontario - Leslie Reading


3/20 - Toledo Lay Up Fleet Getting Ready to Sail - Kevin David

Armco & Middletown

Reverse view


Steam up on Armco

Middletown forward cabins

Head On view

3/19 - Sault Ste. Marie - Roger LeLievre

Biscayne Bay leaves the Poe Lock heading for Whitefish Bay.

"G" tugs Missouri and Oklahoma ready for the new season.

3/19 - Algomarine entering the ice-filled harbor at Goderich with the help of MacDonald Marine tugs - Dale Baechler


3/19 - Sam Laud beginning the shuttle runs from Cleveland Bulk Terminal to Mittal Steel up the winding Cuyahoga River - Rex Cassidy

Passing under the N & S (former Conrail, NYC Bridge)

3/19 - 2006 winter lay up fleet in Port Colborne - Paul Beesley

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