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April 4, 2006



4/4 - Herbert C. Jackson first boat of the season into the Rouge River - Mike Nichols



4/4 - John G. Munson waiting out the weather off Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain


4/4 - Charles M. Beeghly visits Marquette - Lee Rowe

4/3 - Alpena waiting for higher water in the Saginaw River
- Gordy Garris

Alpena pulling into the Sixth Street turning basin.

 Length-wise across the river.

Unsuccessful in turning, she begins backing out.

Continuing to back out.

Another view.


Approaching the E. M. Ford.

Back where we started from.
4/2 Alpena unloading on the Saginaw River - Gordy Garris  

Alpena unloads at the Carrollton Lafarge Terminal  

View from the dock

Alpena with new nameboard

Stern view

4/2 James R. Barker in Marquette
- Lee Rowe

4/2 Agawa Canyon Departs Owen Sound

Ed Saliwonchyk

Torben Hawksbridge

4/1 Alpena & Stoneport
- Ben & Chanda McClain

Integrity in Alpena

Republic at Stone Port

4/1 Middletown visits Marquette
- Lee Rowe



4/1 - Lansdowne in Erie


Back afloat.

Close up.

Construction going on around the hulk.

4/1 - Historical Perspectives

4/1 - E. M. Ford in Detroit.  - Mark Danz

4/1 - Canadiana from better days as she sails up the Buffalo River past the DL&W Coal Dumper on the way to her dock downtown. Date unknown. - Brian Wroblewski

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