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April 6, 2006

4/6 - Mail Boat Season Opener - the BoatNerd.Com Crew

6:30 a.m. ready to depart her winter berth at Gregory's Marine behind Belle Isle.

Westcott II received a new steel on her bow this winter (look for the old section on eBay).

Stern view. This year crews started earlier than normal because the Indiana Harbor was due mid morning and the Westcott had a large freight delivery for the Harbor.

Capt. Dave Tozer (left) and Fleet Capt. Sam Buchanan (right) cast off.

Captains at the helm.

Heading out of the Marina

Heading south into the channel behind Belle Isle

Downbound for the home dock.

Making good speed.

Passing under the McArthur Bridge connecting Belle Isle with Detroit.

Sunrise over Belle Isle.

Construction at Stroh's Place.

Approaching downtown.


Capt. Sam.

Detroit Princess ready for another season.

Under the Ambassador Bridge.

New windows in the Westcott Co. Building. Original windows were replaced over the winter.

Dave ties up at the dock.

Adam E. Cornelius was the first boat serviced for the 2006 season.

Along side.

Deck hand loads flowers into the bucket from the Flower Lady.

Atlantic Huron follows closely behind.

Tug Shannon passing on the outside with the Algorail unloading in Windsor.

Shannon and barge.

Back up mail boat Joseph J. Hogan at the dock. The Hogan returned to service last week providing water taxi service for crews on boats docked at Zug Island.

Indian Harbor down bound.

Freight for the Harbor.

Along side.

Mail first.

Good work, just over 2 minutes later all the freight is onboard.

Westcott slides off the stern.

The Hogan returns from a Water Taxi run. American Spirit can be seen in the back ground at Zug Island.

4/6 - Detroit Mail Boat Service Opening Day - John Meyland

Alongside Indiana Harbor

J. W. Westcott II returns to base.


4/5 - Historical Perspective - "Ferry Tales" by William Forsythe

The 1910 postcard has the ferry Ashtabula trying to squeeze her bulk around the Swing Bridge in the Harbor of Ashtabula, OH.

 A later view of the Ashtabula at her dock. She would be sunk in a collision with a freighter in 1958.

This postcard shows the Manistique-Marquette & Northern No.1(1903-1908). After being renamed Milwaukee, she would be sunk with all hands in 1929.

This card shows the Pere Marquette 18 between 1902 and 1908 as a railroad car ferry. She would succumb to a storm on September 9, 1910.

 Here is shown the same Pere Marquette 18 between 1909-1910 while she worked as an passenger excursion vessel (Her advertised Moonlight Excursion of a nickel seems pretty reasonable).

This pre-1911 (note the lack of a stern sea gate) postcard shows a railroad car ferry leaving Grand Haven, MI into a choppy Lake Michigan .

4/5 - Rouge River Traffic - Mike Nichols

Kaye E Barker inbound the Rouge passing through the Fort St. Bridge.

Carolyn Hoey outbound the Rouge River at Fort Street.

4/5 - Recent Soo Traffic - Jim Lindholm

Maritime Trader up bound at Mission Point

American Spirit sneaking thru the fog.

4/5 - Alpena & Joyce L. VanEnkevort in the Saginaw River - Gordy Garris

Alpena at the Saginaw Wirt Stone dock pumping-out ballast water.

Close up of the bow.

Joyce L. VanEnkevort/Great Lakes Trader pump-out ballast water.

Close up of the tug.

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