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April 17, 2006


4/17 - Mackinaw arrives in Cleveland in her farewell tour - Rex Cassidy

Taking a wave

Canadian escorts

Between the lighthouses

Harbor tuen.

Mack and Mather

Passing the William G.  Mather


First line ashore

Bridge wing

Gangway down.

Roger LeLievre, author of "Know Your Ships" at the book signing at the World headquarters.

The author himself.

The author, flanked by researchers George Wharton and Matt Miner.

4/17 - St. Clair River Traffic - Gordy Garris

Calumet and tug William J. Moore and barge McCleary's Spirit in Sarnia Harbor

Hollyhock at the USCG Dock.

Algomarine upbound approaching Stag Harbor

Fred R. White Jr. following close behind

Algomarine passing Stag Harbor

Algomarine forward cabins

Fred R. White Jr. passing under Blue Water bridges

Algomarine and Fred R. White headed out onto Lake Huron

4/17 - Recent traffic at the Soo Locks - Brian Peterson

Federal Yukon down bound Poe Lock.

Anglian Lady down bound MacArthur Lock.

Mandarin up bound Poe Lock.

Crewmembers aboard the Adam E Cornelius.

Adam E Cornelius down bound above the locks.

Crewmembers controlling aft winch station aboard the Roger Blough.

Roger Blough up bound departing Poe Lock.

Crewmembers aboard the John G Munson.

John G Munson down bound Poe Lock.

4/17 - Mackinaw visiting Cleveland - John Morris

Mackinaw begins to turn south lining up with the 9th Street Pier

Boatswain's Mate (White BM1 Hard Hat) supervises the tensioning of the two breast lines


Mackinaw gangway "Welcome Mat"

Anyone for Water Skiing?

Mackinaw all snugged up at the 9th Street Pier

4/17 - Maumee ventures up the Saginaw River - Gordy Garris

Maumee up bound at Veteran's Park in Saginaw

Docking at the Burroughs dock

Aerial View from atop the I-75 bridge

Casting out the boom


4/17 - Thunder Bay Scenes - Rob Farrow


The former Soo Ferry Agoming is half sunk and sitting on bottom now.  They have plans to raise her this summer.

Tugs Donald Mac and Peninsula


Marilyn Grace

Voyager Independent

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