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April 20, 2006


4/20 - Evening at Hart Plaza in Detroit - Tom Welles

Crew Musters on the fantail for words from the Captain

Service Awards during Mac"s years of work on the lakes


Scars from the latest battle with ice.


Armco up bound from the Ambassador Bridge, passes a dozen fishermen.

Armco passes Mackinaw, as crewman fishes the river.

4/20 American Republic in Marquette - Lee Rowe


4/20 Recent Fairport Harbor Activity - Bob Hunter

Manistee unloading.

Manistee and Maumee


Coast Guard practicing landings.

4/2- Recent Port Huron Traffic - Todd Shorkey

Algonova loading


Armco down bound

Headed for the bridges

Courtney Burton headed to Duluth.

Passing Sarnia Harbor

Voyageur Independent

Stern view.

Sam Laud

Stern view passing Yosemite.

Maumee down bound

Stern view

Oglebay Norton down bound under the bridges

Stern view

Canadian Transfer close behind

Chasing one another down the river

Canadian Transport up bound

Stern view

Tug William J. Moore and barge McLeary's Spirit

Yosemite up bound.

Yosemite passing Canadian Transfer

4/20 - Easter weekend traffic - Ben & Chanda McClain

New Mackinaw off Cheboygan

New Mackinaw and Hollyhock in Cheboygan

Fred R. White Jr. approaching the Mackinac Bridge

Head on

Passing under

Algomarine under the Mackinaw Bridge.




Cason J. Callaway leaving Calcite.

Joseph L. Block loading in Escanaba


Close up



4/20 - Sarnia Traffic - George Wharton

Voyageur Independent downbound

Bow detail

Maumee downbound

Bow profile

4/18 - Panorama of Mackinaw in Cleveland - Kent Gurney


Touring the Mackinaw in Cleveland - Rex Cassidy

At East Ninth Street Pier



Reference Library


Nice dinger.

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