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April 23, 2006


4/23 - Mackinaw Leaving Sarnia and heading home - Roger LeLievre



4/23 - Saturday Night under the Blue Water Bridges - Fred Miller

Blue Heron passing the Government Dock.

Univ. of Minnesota research vessel Blue Heron.

Federal Kivaline up bound.

Stern view.

Pilot boat returns from Federal Kivalina as Mackinaw heads for Lake Huron and Cheboygan.

Under the Blue Water Bridges for the last time.

Goodbye Old Friend.

4/23 - New Mackinaw Visits Milwaukee and other Traffic - Paul Erspamer

New Mackinaw in main gap

Mac cruises outer harbor past fishing boats

Mackinaw turns at end of pier (buoys showing)

Crew is ready to puts lines out

Mac bow approaches dock

Maneuvering closer

Stern crew has line ashore

Cleating line from bow

Ocean vessel Carola showing bulbous bow

Ostrander and Integrity at LaFarge, unloading

3-master Denis Sullivan back from winter travels

4/23 - Sarnia Activity - John Meyland

Mackinaw at the Government Dock in Sarnia.

 At Government Dock with CCG Samuel Risley

The home port name is an honor seen nowhere else in the Coast Guard fleet

Risley's bell


Mackinaw and Calumet

Calumet from Mac's bridge

Another view

4/23 - Sarnia Traffic - Bill Bird

Algosar heading to Sarnia.

Armco heading down bound under bridges

Beluga Eternity down bound in sun and fog

Calumet with new paint job (also at government dock) -plenty of workers getting her ready today.

Canadian Leader exiting Lake Huron.

Mackinaw in Sarnia

Old friends have their last meeting. Mackinaw and Samuel Risley.

CSL Niagara backing out of Sarnia elevator with Tug Menasha helping her turn-Niagara headed to Baie Comeau Quebec.

4/23 - USCGC Mackinaw Arrives in Sarnia Led by CCGC Samuel Risley - Frank Frisk

Algoeast cleaning her burners

Lady Hamilton down bound

Risley is the first to arrive.

Water cannons firing

More water passing Vantage Point.


The Star of the Show.


4/23 - Mackinaw Arrival In Sarnia - Fred Miller
Passing the her former teammate, the Bramble     Turning into the Government Dock.

4/23 - Saginaw River Traffic - Gordy Garris

McKee Sons/Invincible unloading at Bay Wirt Stone

Forward cabins

Tug Invincible

E. M. Ford empty at the Carrollton Lafarge Terminal

4/23 - Federal Manitou arriving in Antwerp - Chris Rombouts

Arriving at the locks with a tug on her stern.

Head on while lining up for the Zandvlietlock.

Heading towards the lock.

Inside the lock.

Outside the lock again and in the port.

4/23 - Goderich Harbor Action - Dale Baechler

South pier extension in early stages.

Saginaw discharging into the elevators.

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