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April 24, 2006


4/24 - Detroit River Action - Staff

CSL Niagara down bound under the Ambassador Bridge

Canadian Transport up bound

Rt. Hon. Paul R. Martin up bound.

Pilot Change Between the Huron Lady and the Beluga Eternity

Beluga Eternity down bound above the Ambassador Bridge.

New pilot ready to go aboard.

Ladder over the side and ready.

New pilot climbing the ladder.

Safely aboard the saltie.

Retiring pilot coming down the ladder.

Safely aboard the Huron Lady.

Beluga Eternity headed for Lake Erie and the Welland Canal with her new pilot.

Changing crew members from the J. W. Westcott II and the s/s Armco.

Classic Armco down bound headed for the mail boat.

Crew prepares to exchange crewman and receive their mail.

Third Engineer, artist, sailor, ship keeper and boat watcher waves from the trunk deck.

New crew member going up the ladder.

Followed by his luggage

Other crew members collect the mail from the pail (actually a big bag full).

Crew member's computer going up.

Mail boat being videoed by crew member.

Heading on down the river.

4/24 - Wolverine in Marquette - Lee Rowe


4/24 - Saginaw is the first boat of the season in Owen Sound - Ed. Saliwonchyk


4/24 - Detroit Area Traffic - Mike Nichols


Pathfinder & Dorothy Ann outbound the Rouge River between Dix Ave. & Fort St. bridges.


Stern View

Dorothy Ann

Clipper Legend in the Belle Isle Anchorage.

Another view

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