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April 28, 2006



4/28 - Busy day in Valleyfield Harbour (Quebec) - Renaud Gagnon

Songa Defiance, John Spence and barge

 Béluga Emotion

4/28 - Historical Perspectives - William Forsythe

A close-up of the car ferry Ashtabula (sunk in 1958) as she departs her namesake town in Ohio. Note the hole in her hull just aft of the anchor.

The newly renamed car ferry Milwaukee appears in this 1910 postcard. She would sink with all hands October 22, 1929.

The wooden-hulled New Orleans in Chicago, IL in this 1907 postcard. She would be rammed and sunk June 30, 1906.

The 3-funneled North West as she appeared from 1894 till 1902 till she was re-boilered. The boilers were so dangerous that it was hard to keep engine room crews.

This 1909 postcard gives a picturesque broadside view of the North West.

 In June 1911, the North West was gutted by fire in the harbor at Buffalo, NY. Here she visits a busy Buffalo during better times.

Between 1903 and 1918, the North West appeared with 2 funnels. Here the Duluth Aerial Bridge provides the backdrop.

The stowaway on the North West is none other than the Grand Army Man paddling to Toledo, OH. He's attending the 42nd Annual convention of the Grand Army of the Republic (Civil War veterans) in August 1908.

In November 1918, the North West was cut in half at Buffalo, NY to allow passage to the Atlantic for WW1 service. A storm on Lake Ontario sank the bow, but the stern was salvaged and spent the winter of 1918-19 in Rochester, NY.

4/27 - Port of Milwaukee Scenes - Paul Erspamer

Lake Express & Mackinaw (two of the newest).

Cavernous Car Deck

Cabin and Lounge with reclining seats and video.

Docking helm on port bridge wing

Captain on the bridge

Joysticks & monitors are the main controls.

In position to load cars

Lake Express bow with a few dents & dings.

Newest to Oldest (Challenger vents steam)

Challenger unloading fills up Kinnickinnic channel

Saltie Kapitonas Lucka loading corn

Lucka accomodations

4/27 - Algomarine n the Rouge River -Ken Snodgrass

Squeezing through a bridge.

Kayakers check out the size differential

"G" Tug Wyoming assists on the stern.

Algomarine stern view.

Wyoming enroute back to her dock.

Passing the Gaelic Dock.


4/27 - Saginaw River Images - Todd Shorkey

Alpena up bound at Smith Park

Manistee arriving at Bay City Wirt

Invincible - McKee Sons at Sargent Essexville

Joyce L. - Great Lakes Trader departing Bay City Wirt with the Manistee coming up behind her to take her place at the dock

Joyce L. - Great Lakes Trader upbound at Wheeler's Landing

Tug Joyce L. Van Enkevort and Manistee

Stern view nearing Liberty Bridge

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