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May 10, 2006


5/10 - Saginaw River Activity - Todd Shorkey

Maumee unloading at the Sargent Dock in Essexville.

Unloading boom view

Maumee from Smith Park

Canadian Transfer unloading at North Star in Essexville

Another view

Crew working high atop the dome

5/10 - Historical Perspective - William Forsythe

November 15, 1972, the Michipicoten (ex- Henry C Frick) is in the St Lawrence River being towed to scrap when the tugboat crew hears a loud crack. The crack is aft of Hatch#12.

The crack travels vertically down to the keel. The tug cuts it's towline. (This ship was built at West Bay Shipbuilding as Hull #615 in August 1905.)

The Michipicoten's keel snaps and now becomes two drifting hulks.

The bow and stern travel farther apart. Another ship built at West Bay Shipbuilding was the Daniel J Morrell - August 1906 as Hull#619, she had sunk in the same manner six years earlier.

November 17, 1972, the bow raises from the water. The end is very near.

With trapped air escaping from the bow, she heads for the bottom. The stern sinks the next day.

5/9 - Alpena Traffic - Ben & Chanda McClain

Fred R. White, Jr. unloading coal at LaFarge

McKee Sons passing by Stoneport

Arthur M. Anderson loading at Stoneport

Bow view

Bow thruster at work

Turning to leave

Integrity arriving behind Anderson


5/9 - Mesabi Miner in Marquette - Lee Rowe

Pouring the coal into the hopper

Ballasted stern up

5/9 - Tug Shannon in the Rouge River - Mike Nichols


5/9 - Mississagi in the Saginaw River - Gordy Garris

Wide view

Forward cabins

Stern cabins

5/9 - Port Huron Traffic - Dick Wicklund


Walter J. McCarthy Jr.

Great Lakes Trader/Joyce L. VanEnkevort

Joyce L.

Paul R. Tregurtha

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