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May 15, 2006


5/15 - Stormy Weather in Marquette - Lee Rowe

Marquette Harbor Light


Kaye E. Barker staying at the ore dock.


5/15 - T/S State of Michigan - Al Miller


5/15 - Holiday Island passes Cardinal up bound Sunday at 6:00 p.m. - Dave Beach


5/15 - Algoville leaving Goderich after 12 days of repairs. - Dale Baechler


5/15 - Manistee leaving Grand Haven and heading north - Gayla Carskadon



5/14 - The Ferry "Holiday Island" up bound in the St Lawrence Seaway at Cote Ste. Catherine, Quebec - Kent Malo


5/14 - GLMA T/V State of Michigan departs Traverse City

Pulling away from her dock.

Crew, alumni and students on the fantail.

5/14 - Hamilton scenes - Eric Holmes

Salty Goviken arriving Hamilton

Strange Deck Cargo.
"Boats on a boat"

Ocean Tug Omni-Richelieu

Stern view.

5/14 - Saturday at the Welland Canal - Bill Bird
Trillium coming out of Port Colborne Drydock at Ramey's Bend after completing her 5 year inspection. Trillium is believed to be the only working steam-powered paddle wheeler in North America. And 96-years old to boot meaning she'll be in her 2nd century before she needs to have another inspection. They only replaced one plate in her hull. Trillium is used for excursions in Toronto harbour.

 Trillium in drydock with all work completed.

One of two identical pilothouses on the double ender.

Looking north along the boat deck.

View from her bow. Notice the drydock gate which must be removed so she can leave.

Heavy lift truck used to get gate out of way.

Gate being moved so it would be parallel with sides of drydock.

Ours Polaire is the smaller of the two tugs used in the tow. Name is French for Polar Bear.

Radium Yellowknife is the heavy duty tug for the tow back to Toronto.

 The tug and ferry nose to nose preparing for tow.

Hawsers used to drag steel cables to be attached to Trillium for tow.

The tow underway.

The ferry clear of drydock with Ours Polaire preparing to hook onto the stern.

 The three in the Welland Canal.

Mississagi after unloading at Thorold up bound at Ramey's Bend bound for Cleveland.

Stern view.

Only a few hundred feet remaining of Joe Frantz hull. Forward cabins removed.

Algoeast down bound clear of Lock 8.

Stern view

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