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May 17, 2006


5/17 - Sam Laud visits Marquette - Lee Rowe

New hydraulic pocket doors.

Sam Laud
5/17 - Menominee Scenes - Dick Lund

A May storm rocks Menominee North Pier Lighthouse .

Another wave crashes in

.. and another

Lighthouse covered in spray by a huge wave

Drechtborg at dock shortly after arriving.

Stern view at dock

Wide bow view at dock.

Bow view unloading with the Viking I astern.

Close-up bow view as a bale of pulp is off-loaded.

Wide stern view in the afternoon.

Stern view at dock still unloading.

USCG (new) Mackinaw at Marinette Marine.

5/17 - Historical Perspectives from Buffalo, NY - William Forsythe

In this postcard published in 1900, the I.W. Nicholas (center) passes the docked Andaste (left) and schooner B. L. Pennington (right). Both docked ships were sunk in 1929.

Taken between 1901-1907, the tug Buffalo pulls the Harold B. Nye through the Michigan Street Bridge.

The freighter Jupiter docks at the Tonawanda Iron and Steel Factory sometime between 1901 and 1910.

The passenger steamer North West is conned out into Lake Erie from a very congested Buffalo, Harbor.

The 84 mph winds from the Lake Erie Gale of January 20, 1907 blew the Hurlbut W. Smith (left foreground) aground . The William Nottingham (right foreground) not only broke her winter moorings, but her bow slamming into the Smiths stern.

5/17 - Historical Perspective - Passenger ship Tadoussac in the United Arab Emirates - 1979 - Jacques


5/16 - Historical Perspectives from a 1941 Greens Great Lakes Directory - Roger LeLievre

Pine Ridge Coal Co. Fuel Dock on the Detroit River.

Joseph H. Frantz when she was the fleet flagship.

5/16 - Federal Katsura in the St. Lawrence River - Kent Malo

5/16 - Alpena Traffic - Ben & Chanda McClain

Earl W. Oglebay arriving with a load of coal for LaFarge

Passing the harbor light



J. A. W. Iglehart arriving at LaFarge to load cement.

Profile in the afternoon sun.

Bow detail.

Passing the harbor light

Iglehart and Earl W. at LaFarge.

5/16 Historical Perspective - 1939 - Charles Yonker


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