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June 9, 2006



6/9 - Kaye E. Barker leaving the Severstal Steel, Rouge Complex, approaching Jefferson Ave Bridge, and heading for Detroit River.

6/9 - Alpena & Stoneport Traffic - Ben & Chanda McClain

David Z. Norton delivering taconite tailings to LaFarge

Boom in the hopper

Backing out of the slip

Putting the pedal down

Herbert C. Jackson loading at Stoneport



Pouring in.


Samuel de Champlain/Innovation in bound.




6/9 - Tugs and Barges in the Welland Canal - Ian Baker

Robinson Bay enroute to
Ramey's Bend

Stern view

Two covered barges...

..pushed by Radium Yellowknife

Stern view

6/9 - Sturgeon Bay Scenes - Dick Lund

American Century with new name
 and stack colors

Stern view.

American Century with Edward L. Ryerson in the graving dock beside.

Lee A. Tregurtha's stack
being painted on the ground.

Stern view of the stackless
Lee A.

Freshly painted Lee A. viewed from across the bay.

Bow of Edward L. Ryerson in the graving dock.

Forward cabins.

Ryerson stern American Century bow.

View of Ryerson from across the bay.

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