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June 15, 2006



6/15 - Edward L. Ryerson in the graving dock at Bay Ship - Capt. Eric Treece



6/15 - Voyageur Independent and St. Louis de Gonzaque Bridge - Kent Malo.

 Steel caisson or abutment or cell in French that the Voyageur Independent brushed as she careened to the right.

Seaway workboat Iroquois inspecting damage.

This is the damage done to the bridge after Voyageur Independent lost steering.

Another view of the damage done to the span of the St Louis de Gonzaque (pronounce GO ZAQ) the n is silent.

Voyageur Independent at the St Louis emergency anchorage.

6/15 - Recent Marquette Activity - Rod Burdick

American Courage loading

Backing out.

John J. Boland unloading stone at Shiras

Michipicoten arriving.

6/15 - St. Clair River Action - Dave Michelson and Wade P. Streeter

American Century

Stern view.

Maritime Trader

American Integrity

Stern view

American Victory

Stern view


6/15 - Aerial views of Rt. Hon. Paul R. Martin unloading coal at the Gateway Terminal in Buffalo - Dan Syrcher

Looking north over Gateway from  2000 feet. Buffalo and the mouth of the Niagara River are in the background.

Looking south over Gateway Terminal.

View from the east side.

A zoomed in photo showing the unloading from the boom. You can also see a water truck spraying water on the pile of coal to the left.

Taken while over Lake Erie at 6500 feet above sea level looking east while Paul Martin was unloading coal.

6/15 - Alpena and Stoneport Traffic - Ben & Chanda McClain

David Z. Norton loading at Stoneport.

G. L. Ostrander/innovation in bound to load in Alpena

Wide view.

J. A. W. Iglehart in bound Alpena

Earl W. Oglebay unloading coal at LaFarge, Alpena.

Earl W. with Innovation behind.

6/15 - St. Lawrence River Traffic - Dave Maville

CSL Laurentian  entering Iroquois lock up bound

CSL Laurentian pilot house, exiting the lock

Yacht Blue Moon, following the Laurentian up bound, ST Lawrence river

Blue Moon up bound

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