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June 19, 2006


6/19 - Sturgeon Bay shipyard scenes - Tiffany and Chris Wesendorf

Edward L. Ryerson in a new coat of paint.

Lee A. Tregurtha with her stack back in place.

Lee and Edward from across the bay.

Closer view.


6/19 - Buffalo water front renovations - Brian Wroblewski
The new Naval Park Basin and the ongoing construction at the Erie Canal Harbor. The unearthed Commercial Slip can be seen surrounded by steel sheet pile and with the first few rows of original stone blocks being laid down. The new Naval Park museum building is framed up and the old one is now a crater in the ground. Display items are scattered all over the property.


Former DL&W Terminal (now NFTA Metro Rail) where the railroad met the Great Lakes passenger vessels.




6/19 - Two Great Lakes visitors seen in the port of Antwerp in Belgium - Chris Rombouts

Federal Manitou

Stern view



6/19 - H. Lee White arriving at the NS Coal Dock in Sandusky - Kevin Davis

In bound the Upper Channel.

Approaching the dock

Mates keeping an eye on the dock

Making the big turn around

Stern view of her cranking around.

6/18 - James Norris loading salt in Fairport Harbor - Bob Hunter

6/18 - Birchglen assisted into Goderich after engine problems - Dale Baechler

Birchglen waiting out the winds off Goderich.

Menasha, Ian Mac, Debbie Lynn, Donald Bert on standby.

Making the approach Saturday afternoon.

Through the outer breakwalls.

 Backing around into the new harbour.

Sliding the wall.

In position.

6/18 -  St. Clair River Traffic - Tom Welles

CCGC Samuel Risley down bound at Marine City

Pathfinder and Dorothy Ann down bound at Marine City

Algoway up bound passes Pathfinder and Dorothy Ann


Indiana Harbor turning to dock at Recors Point  near St Clair

6/18 - Detroit River Traffic - Mike Nicholls

Diamond Queen arriving at the Gaelic Tug Dock.

Pathfinder inbound the Rouge River passing the Gaelic Tug Dock.

CCGC Samuel Risley down bound off Nicholson's


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