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June 27, 2006



6/27 - Saginaw River Visitors - Lynette Killey

The Cuyahoga coming around the bend at the the Cass Ave. boat launch.

The Cuyahoga passing the Cass Ave. boat launch.

Onego Merchant passing by Wirt Stone Dock in Bay City.

One of two cranes on the Onego Merchant.

Onego Merchant outbound to Saginaw Bay passing through Independence Bridge in Bay City.

6/27 - USCGC Acacia leaves Charlevoix for the last time - Janet Koch

6/27 - Seaway traffic along the South shore Canal at Kahnawake (St. Lawrence River) - Kent Malo

Tug Commodore Straits and 2 Barges for Trois Riveres Quebec.

Tug Commodore Straits

Algosea down bound

Algosea wheelhouse and accomodations

Stern view

Anna Desgagnes up bound to turn on Lake St Louis and head back to Cote Ste Catherines to load for the lower Arctic communities

Stern view

Maritime Trader down bound at Kahnawake

Stern view.

American Tall ship Unicorn up bound at Cote Ste Catherines,  Quebec.

Another view of Unicorn. Note crew in the rigging forward mast.

6/27 - Recent Marquette & Escanaba Visitors - Rod Burdick

Burns Harbor loads ore at Escanaba

Herbert C. Jackson loading at Marquette viewed from Presque Isle Park

6/26 - St. Clair River Traffic - Tom Welles

Calumet down-bound at Recor Power Station, meeting Dorothy Ann & Pathfinder

Dorothy Ann & Pathfinder

Dorothy Ann & Pathfinder up-bound passing Paul R. Tregurtha, unloading at Recor

Paul R. Tregurtha unloading

Virginia Borg down bound, last seen passing Mackinaw Island Wednesday, during Mackinaw's last cruise.

Mark Hanna and her barge down bound at Marine City

Mark Hanna

Cuyahoga down bound at Marine City following Mark Hanna

6/26 - Saginaw River Traffic - Gordy Garris

Tug Duluth and deck barge passing through the Lafayette bridge

Close up of tug Duluth

Stern View headed up to Saginaw

Another view

6/26 - Saginaw River Traffic - Todd Shorkey

Invincible-McKee Sons unloading
at the Sargent dock in Essexville

Another view

Onego Merchant outbound at Cass Avenue

Another view

Stern view

6/25 - Welland Canal Traffic - Jay van der Doe


Bow close up


CSL Tadoussac


Federal Maas

English River




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