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July 18, 2006


7/18 - Roger Blough passing through DeTour - Cathy Kohring

Down bound DeTour

Passing the Marina

Passing the Drummond Island Stone Dock

Out bound DeTour onto Lake Huron

7/18 - Private motor yacht Pilgrim visiting DeTour Village - Cathy Kohring
Does anyone know her history? Notice the 5 stripes and some sort of military medal/plaque regarding WW II and her accomplishments..

7/18 - Canadian Progress under going repairs in Montreal - Laurent

7/18 - Recent visit of Saginaw to Marquette - Rod Burdick

Arriving in rough seas

At the ore dock

Ready to load.

7/18 - Spencer F. Baird, a brand new research ship built at Morgan City LA for the US Wildlife Administration on her way to Detroit on her delivery trip. - Marc Piche



7/17 - Alpena Traffic - Ben & Chanda McClain

J. A. W.  Iglehart heading in with Wolverine behind

McKee Sons unloading at Lafarge

 Iglehart making the turn

In bound the channel

 Passing the lighthouse

Wolverine thinking of backing in ....

...decides to head in

7/17 - Saginaw River Traffic - Gordy Garris

Tug Cleveland/Cleveland Rocks passing through the Veteran's Memorial bridge

Tug Duluth passing through the Lafayette Bridge.

Close up.

Stern view

7/16 - Detroit River Traffic - Mark Swarthout

The USNSCS Grayfox spent the week visiting Detroit. The aft cabin was added to the converted Torpedo Weapons Retriever to add more room for the Sea Cadets' berthing.

The J. W. Westcott II delivered mail to the starboard side of the Sam Laud as she transited down the Detroit River on Friday.

The Magnetic earned its keep on Friday afternoon, moving a crane up the Detroit River mid-afternoon, before returning down river.

7/16 - Port Huron Traffic - Tom  Welles

Reserve down bound passing hollyhock at the start of the Port Huron-to-Mackinaw race.

Reserve's primer/hull colored stack

John J. Boland, down bound, sounding the Danger signal to alert small boats.

Hollyhock, makes smoke, while departing her anchored station, after the sail boat race starts.

Station Port Huron's patrol craft roars through anchored pleasure craft.

Hollyhock heads for the St. Clair River from southern Lake Huron

7/16 - Detroit River Traffic - Mike NIcholls

Federal Manitou up bound off Nicholson's.

Stern view.

Lasalle, Ontario fireboat.

Herbert C Jackson unloading and departing the Wyandotte Power Plant.


Bow thruster running.

Away we go.

7/16 - Historical Perspective - Dick Wicklund
Lady Hamilton in her original name and colors, at Point Edward, Ontario, Aug. 29, 1986. It is seen as the Saskatchewan Pioneer in its bright orange, which may look as bright in the blue of Voyageur Maritime colors.



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