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July 29, 2006

7/29 - Saginaw River Traffic - Tom Welles

James Norris passing, while Manistee
 holds at Wirt Stone Dock Saginaw

Rush hour traffic

James Norris

Stern view

Tug Robin Lynn follows James Norris, past Manistee

Manistee backing away from Wirt, radio's intentions of backing to the Airport turning basin

7/29 - Alpena Traffic - Ben & Chanda McClain

Tug Kathy Lynn & barge w/ Innovation in background

Innovation heading into the channel

Full view of tug & barge

Close up of tug Kathy Lynn

American Courage unloading coal with Innovation approaching

Stern view of American Courage

Earl W. Oglebay unloading coal

7/29 - James R. Barker up bound passing DeTour Village - Cathy Kohring

James R. Barker heading "UP" the "Down bound" channel

She called Soo Traffic and requested permission to traverse the other channel

Permission was granted

She then blew a salute to Interlake's Summer Residence on Spring Bay.

7/28 - Pride of Baltimore II passing Pilot Island Lighthouse, in Death's Door, enroute to Green Bay - C. Hamilton Rutledge

7/28 - Conversion work on tug Olive L. Moore - Joey Reaume

Oliver L. Moore with pin supports installed

New aluminum Pilothouse

With new aluminum conning tower supports

7/28 - Historical Perspective - Dick Lund

Old photos of 4 Standard Oil tankers. They were housed for years in an old manufacturing plant here in Menominee, MI. All sailed for Standard Oil from the time of their build in the teens and early 20's. In 1957, the Beaumont Parks was sold to Cleveland Tankers, while the other three were sold to American Oil Co. in 1962. Their new owners eventually sold them off a few years later.

Beaumont Parks became Mercury

William P. Cowan became Amoco Illinois

Edward G. Seubert became Amoco Wisconsin

Robert W. Stewart became Amoco Michigan

7/28 - Assorted laker scenes - Dianne Donati

James R. Barker up bound at the Soo.

Lake Michigan down bound in the MacArthur Lock.

American Republic in Lake Huron

7/28 - Cougar Ace in the Panama Canal - 1/18/03 - Mike Nicholls


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