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July 31, 2006

7/31 - Saginaw River Traffic - Gordy Garris

Dredge Sue and the barges 120 & 121 in Saginaw

G. L. Ostrander/Integrity unloading at the LaFarge Terminal

E. M. Ford and the Integrity

Another View

7/31 - Historical Perspective - Tug Olive L. Moore at Defoe Shipbuilding, Bay City in 1966 - Sid B. Ferriss photos submitted by Wade Streeter.



7/31 - Buffalo Dredging Operations - Brian Wroblewski

Luedtke Dredge #16 loading a dump scow.

COE tug Cheraw at the Port Terminal.

7/31 - DeTour Traffic - Cathy Kohring

USCGC Alder down bound

Edgar B. Speer up bound

7/30 - Twin Ports Activity - Sam Lapinski

John Sherwin at Fraser shipyards

Indiana Harbor arriving Duluth

American Victory loading at Northshore Mining in  Silver Bay

American Mariner departing Duluth with the Joseph Block heading in

Federal Yukon loading ore at Burlington Northern

American Integrity departing Duluth Canal Park

Joseph L. Block departing Duluth

Joseph L Block outside of Duluth down bound with the CSL Niagara and the Canadian Provider at anchor

7/30- Adam E. Cornelius down bound off Zug Island - Mike Nicholls



7/30 - Early morning on the St. Marys River at DeTour Village - Cathy Kohring

Early morning visitor to the St. Mary's River

Too dark to make out who it was (American Fortitude?)

Up bound

Up bound/ down bound dance begins

Walter J. McCarthy and an unidentified Salty
Up bound/down bound
Sunrise scene on Spring Bay

McCarthy at sunrise down bound DeTour

7/30 McKee Sons arriving in Grand Haven  - Tim Waterman

7/30 - Action at the Iroquois Lock in the St. Lawrence River - Dave Maville

BBC India with a load of containers
 and wind turbine blades

Algosoo entering the Iroquois locks down bound

Algosoo in the lock with BBC India waiting.

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