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August 1, 2006


8/1 - Dredging Operations in Buffalo - Brian Wroblewski

Kurt R. Luedtke bringing an empty dump scow through the CSX (ex New York Central) River Bridge on her way up to the dredge rig.

CSX's CP Draw (ex Buffalo Creek Railroad) being raised for the tug & her barge. The bridge to the right in the photo is the Norfolk Southern's (ex Nickel Plate) rolling lift bridge that is permanently raised in the up position. This is the only remaining one of only two rolling lift bridges in Buffalo. The dredge rig can be seen to the extreme left.

The tug heading downriver with a loaded scow under the escort of Luedtke's small workboat and heading through the reach above the old DL&W Buffalo River Drawbridge, just below South Park Ave.

The tug and her barge clearing through the draw and starting the turn to port for the reach heading towards the Republic Steel Turning Basin. This is 6 miles upriver from the lake but only 3 miles by land.

8/1 - Saginaw River Traffic - Todd Shorkey

Calumet unloading at GM across from the EM Ford

Close up

Mary E. Hannah departing Essroc for Dow Chemical with Integrity in background

Mary E. Hannah close up

Mary E. Hannah stern view

G. L. Ostrander & Integrity passing the up bound tug Duluth & her barges

Close up

Stern view

8/1 - St. Clair River Traffic - Wade P. Streeter & David R. Michelson

Tug/barge Susan Hannah/St. Marys Conquest up bound with a load of cement from Lake Ontario

M/V Algolake down bound

Stern view

Str. American Fortitude up bound in St. Clair River after unloading in Buffalo.


M/V Celine up bound

Stern view


8/1 - St Clair River Traffic - The off shore racing boat Bounty Hunter races by the Salty Utviken with a helicopter in close pursuit - Bernard Laframboise



8/1 - Wheat season starting in Goderich - Dale Baechler

Trucks lined up at the elevator  to dump wheat for shipment in lakers.

Montrealais loading wheat.

8/1 - American Integrity down bound DeTour on the St. Mary's River a  hot summer morning at sunrise - Cathy Kohring


8/1 - Alpena Traffic - Ben & Chanda McClain

J. A. W. Iglehart in bound

Another view

Broadside view

Iglehart under the silos

Alpena leaving LaFarge

Bow profile

Stern view

Algoway delivering salt

8/1 - Saginaw River Traffic - Gordy Garris

Calumet unloading at the GM dock in Saginaw

G. L. Ostrander/Integrity at the LaFarge Terminal

G. L. Ostrander/Integrity turned at Sixth Street basin

G. L. Ostrander/Integrity passing the Calumet

G. L. Ostrander/Integrity out bound at the I-75 bridge

G. L. Ostrander/Integrity passing the Manistee

Manistee undergoing repairs at the Burroughs dock

MCM tug Beaver State headed upriver

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