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August 3, 2006



8/3 Saginaw River Traffic - Todd Shorkey

Laurentian at Essroc

Laurentian & tug Sarah B at Essroc

Adam E. Cornelius backing out of Bay Aggregates and across the Saginaw River

Turned and outbound for the lake

Stern view


8/3 - American Fortitude Arriving in Duluth - Glenn Blaszkiewicz


8/3  David Z. Norton making the name transition in Cleveland - Carrie Lanz

One side painted out

One last look at Oglebay Norton

The stack after cutting off the ON stars

Name board

Almost ready to sale under new colors

No sign of Oglebay Norton left

Looking down the deck

Life Ring

8/3 - Port Huron/Detroit - Tom Welles

Herbert Jackson in the Rouge River

CSL Niagara from Blue Water Bridge

CSL Niagara at Marine City

Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder up bound at St. Clair

8/3 - Michipicoten loading the 400,000,000 ton out of Marquette - Rod Burdick

Arriving at sunset

Loading ore

8/2 - Herbert C. Jackson cools the Dix Ave. Bridge in the Rouge River - Wade P. Streeter

Jackson Stopped at Dix Avenue waiting for bridge to open.

Jackson slowly approaching the Dix Ave. Bridge.

View of sidewalk with steering pole of Jackson showing closeness to bridge.

View from roadway of bridge showing the closeness of the Jackson and the hosing operation.

8/2 - Duluth/Superior Scenes - Chris Mazzella

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin waiting to load at Burlington Northern

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin loading at Burlington at 7:00 pm

John Sherwin awaiting her fate.

Federal Saguenay loading at Harvest States 1

An old grain elevator being demolished.

American Century departing after loading coal at Midwest Energy.

Stern view

Wisconsin Point Lighthouse

8/2 - Last photo of Earl W. Oglebay under Oglebay Norton Company ownership. - John Meyland


8/2 - Wolverine in Cleveland before and after the official transfer and sale of the vessel - Carrie Lanz

Last unload for
Oglebay Norton Marine

The Oglebay Emblems
off the stacks

The temporary stack
 (without the stars)

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