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August 6, 2006


8/7 - Roger Blough anchored in Raber Bay near Lime Island. - Cathy Kohring


8/7 - Buffalo Activity - Brian Wroblewski

Adam E Cornelius unloading limestone at the Gateway Terminal on the Lackawanna Canal. She is tied up to the former Bethlehem Steel Ore Dock, now the home of the Port of Buffalo facilities.

Another view.

CSL Assiniboine backing away from the Buffalo Harbor South Entrance after loading coal at the Gateway Terminal. She is passing the South Side Light on her Starboard side as she shoots through the gap in the piers to turn around out on the lake and head for Nanticoke.

Rebecca Lynn in the notch of the barge A-410 as seen from the South Grand Island Bridge while unloading at the Noco Oil Terminal in Tonawanda.

Close up.

8/6 - Detroit River  Traffic - Mike Nicholls

Birchglen down bound in the Ballards Reef Channel.

Friendship down bound in the Hennepin Channel.

Next Saturday's Boatnerd Cruise ship

Bob-Lo Island ferry Ste Claire V, former Courtney O, at Bob-Lo Island Ferry Dock.

8/6 - Saginaw River Traffic - Todd Shorkey

Manistee at Saginaw Wirt

Another view

Manistee finishing her unload

Calumet unloading at the Burroughs dock

Another view with the Robin Lynn & Princess Wenona

Tug Robin Lynn

Another view

8/6 - Edwin H. Gott passing DeTour Village at sunrise - Cathy Kohring

Gott down bound at DeTour

Sunrise and the Gott

Laker moods

Heading to Lake Huron

8/6 -  St. Clair River Traffic - Tom Welles

Sichem Palace loading at Sarnia

Bow view


Songa Maya, Majuro  ahead of Algosar at Sarnia

Shipping Company flags at the Great Lakes Maritime Center

Jane Ann IV in Sarnir

Samuel Risley

Museum ship Bramble at the Port Huron Seaway Terminal

Donald C. Hannah

as this a "Erie Canal Tug once?"  Pilot house seems to be built on hydraulic jacks

8/6 - Saginaw River Traffic - Gordy Garris

Manistee headed upriver past the I-75 bridge

Stern view

Manistee departing with the Calumet arriving at the Burroughs dock

Stern View of Calumet turning in the Sixth Street turning basin

Calumet turned around and outbound

Calumet passing the Manistee

Calumet outbound in Zilwaukee

Stern View of Calumet headed under the I-75 bridge

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