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August 10, 2006


8/10 - Speer and Blough west of the Mac Bridge - Capt. James C. Ryerse


8/9 - Edgar B. Speer and Roger Blough, with a trailing tug, passing Mackinaw City - Fred Stone



8/9 - James Norris in the Saginaw River - Gordy Garris

James Norris pulling into the Sixth Street turning basin.

Tug Robin Lynn assisting on the stern

Another View as ballast water is pumped-out

Norris fully stretched across the Saginaw River

8/9 - Museum Tug John Purvis in the dry dock at BayShip - Roger LeLievre


8/9 - The Earl W. Oglebay pilothouse as she steams the Detroit River, down- bound on a hot, hazy day, as seen from the 53rd floor of General Motor's Renaissance Center. - Jim Klapthor


8/9 -  A rare capture of two fleet mates passing in the Seaway just below the 1000 Islands Bridge - Fritz Hager

Algocape heading up

Algoisle down bound

Algocape's bow

Exchanging 1-long, 2 short salutes
 (both loud and in G-flat!)


Crews on deck begin shouting
 across the gap

Sprinklers (hogging defense) on the Algoisle
 but not the Algocape (?)

Side-by-side in a 400' wide channel
(but 150' and more deep!)

Sterns passing - more shouting!

Rudders turn and sterns pivot as courses are corrected
back to center-channel.

The moment's over.

Algoisle moves back into the center.

Algocape headed up under
the 1000 Islands Bridge

8/9 - Herbert C Jackson arriving at Sever Stal Steel with a load of iron ore. - Mike Nicholls



8/9 - Port Colborne Canal Days Festival Scenes - Laura J. Peters

The two masted schooner Challenge

The CCGC Limnos was in Port for the weekend giving tours and answering questions.

Algoisle coming in from the lake
 towards lock 8.

Empire Sandy on afternoon cruise
 in the harbour

Federal Saguenay headed for Lock 8.

Quebecois Under Bridge 21
headed out to Lake Erie.

Off shore racing boat with 1 of the 2 1000hp engines on display for canal days.

Harbour Light just outside of the canal.

The scrap yard lineup in Port Colborne. DC Everest, Windoc,
 LE Block

Sunday night fireworks display
over the canal.

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