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August 21, 2006


8/21 - Roger Blough Tow passing under the Mackinac Bridge - Chris Tuckett



8/21 - Buffalo Scenes - Brian Wroblewski

The new alignment of the warships at the Naval Park Basin with the Missile Cruiser USS Little Rock rafted to the other two ships and to the right you can see the museum buildings under construction.

Lansdowne under repair at the BIDCO Shipyard.

Detail view of the remains of her starboard side paddle wheel, probably the last one left on the Great Lakes, some of her original riveted plate steel can also be seen. .

Looking down the Buffalo River at the long abandoned Marine "A" Elevator, which may soon see new life as a corn storage silo for the proposed ethanol Plant.

Luedtke dredge rig working off the Lake & Rail elevator, also included in the Ethanol Plant plans.

8/21 - Olive L. Moore and Joseph H. Thompson at Erie, PA - Hugh W. Gillett

Lewis J. Kuber (Ex-Buckeye) and the Tug Olive L. Moore.

Olive L. Moore.

The barge Joe Thompson painted on Port side.

Joe Thompson Stbd. side (unpainted) with Tug Olive L. Moore in back ground.

8/21 - Historical Perspectives - Rudi Rabe

Ashley Lykes - 1980's

C. L. Austin - 1970's

Daryl C. Hannah - 1975

Steinbrenner stacks - 1970's

Day Peckinpaugh - 1989

Federal Hudson - 1980's

Finnarctis - 1990

8/21 - Sam laud unloading coal at Filer City in Manistee Lake - Jim Lindholm


8/21 - Duluth/Superior Traffic - Glenn Blaszkiewicz

Montrealais unloading at St. Lawrence Cement in Duluth

Reserve backing away from the Cutler Stone dock in Superior

8/21 - Calumet in the Saginaw River - Gordy Garris

Calumet and the tug Robin Lynn

Calumet outbound at Zilwaukee

Bow Profile

Stern View at the I-75 Bridge

8/21 - Port Huron Area Traffic - Tom Welles

Canadian Transfer taking on fuel
 and supplies at Shell, in Sarnia

Tall ships at the Port Huron Seaway Terminal.

Another view

Kaye E. Barker down bound at Black River,
sporting fresh white paint up front.

Stern view.

Algosar loading at Sarnia Esso

8/21  Calumet in the Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey

Outbound at Lakes State Railway Bridge

Stern view

Another view making the turn at Essroc

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