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September 4, 2006


9/4 - Edward L. Ryerson passing under the Duluth Lift Bridge - Glenn Blaszkiewicz


Stefania-1 being docked at Oshawa Harbour with the assistance of the Group Ocean tugs Jerry G and Escorte. - Mark Leitch

9/4 - DeTour Village action - Cathy Kohring

Edwin H. Gott in bound DeTour

Algolake down bound by Pipe Island

Captain Anders Rasmussen and wife Donna, passing the DeTour Marina

Heading out bound with Drummond Island III ferry waiting on the Algolake.

Jade Star, out bound DeTour

Jade Star and pilot boat, Linda Jean with Pilot on boarding ladder while moving.

Jade Star down, with the Charles M. Beeghly up

Busy place

Jade Star out, Beeghly in

Beeghly up, Indiana Harbor down

Indiana Harbor at Spring Bay

Charles M. Beeghly at Spring Bay


9/4 - Edwin H. Gott meets American Fortitude in Soo Harbor - Joe Wiles

9/3 - Views from a third floor West Pier apartment - Joe Wilmes

American Spirit

Canadian Transport

Herbert C. Jackson




Paul R. Tregurtha

Paul R.

9/3 - Detroit/St. Clair River action - Mike Nicholls

American Victory up bound in Lake St. Clair

Stern view

Duc D'Orleans upbound off Marysville.

Huron Lady II

9/3 Maumee in the Saginaw River - Gordy Garris

Maumee at the Buena Vista Stone dock

Forward cabins

Stern cabins

Stern view

9/3 - Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin in the Welland Canal - Mark Swarthout

Leaving Lock Four down bound

Under the lift bridge

Headed for Lock Three

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