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September 20, 2006


9/20 - Sarnia area traffic - George Wharton

Algonorth down bound the St. Clair River at Marysville passing upbound workboat Duke and barge.

 Canadian Progress leaving the Shell fuel dock.

Canadian Progress and Algonorth passing.

Rt.Hon. Paul J. Martin loading at Cargill, Sarnia.

Sarah Spencer / Jane Ann IV coming off Lake Huron.

Close up of Jane Ann IV

Tradewind Service pulling light barge Energy 5501 off Lake Huron.

Close up of Tradewind Service.

9/20 - Former Keeper returns to DeTour Reef Light - Jeri Baron Feltner

Milton with the original Fresnel Lens at the DeTour Museum

Keeper Milton Lovett with the DeTour Reef Light

Milton climbing the DRL ladder

Milton in the restored DRL kitchen

Milton and Geneva Lovett

Milton Lovett on DRL in 1958 - left to right - Milton Lovett, Jack Short (1st Assistant Keeper) and Charlie Jones (Officer in Charge 1940-1962).

9/20 - Private yacht Turmoil in Milwaukee - Greg Stamatelakys



9/20 - Birchglen in Marinette - Scott Best

Wide view unloading late Tuesday afternoon

Close up unloading the 730 foot Birchglen dwarfs the Donner at MF&D.

Dockside view unloading pig iron.

Close up as crane operator releases the magnet and another load drops to the ground.

9/20 - Saginaw River Traffic - Todd Shorkey

Samuel de Champlain - Innovation upbound near Lafayette Bridge

Tug close up

Another view

Upbound at Cass Avenue

9/20 - DeTour area traffic - Cathy Kohring

Canadian Mariner passing Interlake boat at anchor

Reserve at Drummond Island stone dock

Reserve aft end close up at dock

James R. Barker and Mesabi Miner at anchor off Pipe Island for Interlake's annual fall " on board" meetings with Captain and crew

Vamond Wave down bound

Another view

Stewart J. Cort at anchor off Pipe Island for more of Interlake's on board meetings

Jade Star down bound

Jade Star down bound passing Indiana Harbor up bound

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