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September 22, 2006


9/22 - Cuyahoga River action - Kent Gurney

Great Lakes Towing tug Iowa returning to her dock in the Old Cuyahoga River bed.

"G" Tug New York towing Saginaw after she unloaded at Cargill.

New Your is towing Saginaw from the old river bed and out the main channel into Lake Erie.

Saginaw was traveling in ballast and headed for Drummond Island.

9/22 - Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder, Herbert C Jackson, Kaye E Barker and Charles Beeghly all at anchor off Drummond Island in the St. Marys' River at DeTour for on-board meetings. - Cathy Kohring


9/22 - Detroit Area Traffic - Tom Welles

Jackson and Beeghly share the wall at the Rouge

Herbert C. Jackson getting up to speed

Jackson passing the
Earl W. Oglebay

Herbert C. Jackson passing Jefferson Bridge, Headed for the Detroit River to go up bound.

Earl W. Oglebay unloads at Windsor, making smoke

9/22 - Canadian Transfer arriving at Toledo - Bob Vincent

Bow profile

"G" tug Idaho following

Heading up the Maumee River into the sunset.

9/22 Saginaw River Traffic - Todd Shorkey

Calumet stuck above Liberty Bridge

 Trying to push forward

Calumet passing the Moore & Kuber at Bay Aggregates

Stern view

Olive L. Moore & Lewis J. Kuber headed for Vet's bridge with Calumet passing through Lafayette.

Moore & Kuber

Tug close up

 Stern view

9/22 - Barge Lewis J Kuber with Tug Olive L Moore, outbound Saginaw River - Joe Martin

9/22 - c. Columbus in the Welland Canal - Al Howard

At Lock Five

At Lock Seven

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