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October 16, 2006


10/16 - Toledo Scenes - Kevin Davis

Former Boblo Boat Ste. Claire
serving as a Nautical Nightmare

Federal Matae at Mid-States elevator

CSL Assiniboine loading at Anderson's

John G. Munson at the CSX Coal Dock.

Amelie Desgagne waiting to load.

John & Amelia

10/16 - Algosteel loading at Sifto dock in Goderich on a windy Sunday afternoon - Wayne Brown

10/16 - Unidentified barge with two tugs heading up bound on the St. Lawrence River off Ogdensburg, N.Y. and Prescott, Ont. on Saturday.  Can anyone identify this trio? - Cindy Cole


10/16 - Progress on the former Soo Line ore dock in Ashland - Franz VonRiedel

10/15 - Tug Huntington Re-floated - Franz VonRiedel

Last weekend, the 90-foot harbor tug HUNTINGTON was dug out of the shallow harbor waters of Saugatuck, MI and prepped for a delivery to South Chicago where it has gone out on lease to Calumet River Fleeting. The harbor had silted in to only 5-feet of water in some places which was quite a challenge for a 300-ton tugboat drawing 12-feet of water. Clearwater Marine assisted with a towboat and crane barge, winching the HUNTINGTON over the high spots. Earlier in the year, the tug had been donated to the Northeastern Maritime Historical Foundation by Ben and Sarah Fogg of Holland, MI. HUNTINGTON was built in 1951 and spent most of its life working in and around the New York City area for the Red Star Line and later Kosnac before coming into the Great Lakes in 2004. The 1600-HP tug will be refit over winter and enter service for Selvick in the spring.

10/15 - Tugs in Illinois - Mike Nicholls

Illinois Towing's tug Aggie C, in Joliet, Illinois.

Stern view

Illinois Towing's tug  Albert C.
 in Joliet, Illinois.


Crown Herman and Becky E in Joliet.

Drydock with Hannah D Hannah on the bow passing under the low bridge in Lemont, Illinois.

Illinois Towing's tug Lemont Trader in Joliet, Illinois.

Tug Thurston B Morton in Joliet.

Daryl C. Hannah, bow picture in Chicago

Daryl C. Hannah, stern shot in Lemont, Illinois.

Hannah tug Hannah D Hannah, bow picture in Joliet.

Hannah tug Hannah D Hannah,  stern picture in Chicago.

10/14 - Toledo Scenes - Bob Vincent

Former Boblo boat Ste. Claire

Stern view

"Nautical Nightmare" aboard the Ste. Claire

Museum ship Willis B. Boyer

Stern view

Ziema Lodzka loading grain at Anderson's.

CSL Niagara waiting to go up river to load

10/14 - Andy La Borde Memorial Bench at Mission Point - Judy Abbott


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