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October 17, 2006


10/18 - A line of traffic into Green Bay - Scott Best

Alpena in bound Green Bay under Tower Drive Bridge with the Munson just behind her.

Close up of Alpena.

John G Munson preparing to turn into the Fox River Dock slip.

David Z Norton at Georgia Pacific Dock.

10/18 - Kaye E. Barker delivers coal to Marquette - Rod Burdick

10/17 - Maritime Trader in the Welland Canal - Dick Wicklund




10/17 - Corp working to reinforce the breakwater in Duluth - Andrea Anasleson

10/17 - South Chicago Action -
Franz VonRiedel

American Mariner

CTC No.1

Tug Jimmy Wray

Tug Huntington

Tugs Huntington and Park State

John Sherwin

Push tug Katie Ann

Kimberley Selvick

Matador VI


Nicole S.

10/17 - Toledo CSX Coal Docks - Bob Vincent

Algorail unloading stone

John G. Munson under the ship loader

Amelia Desgagne waiting for
the Munson to finish loading.

10/17 - Alpena Visitors - Ben & Chanda McClain

Earl W. Oglebay

Pulling into LaFarge.

Tied up.

Stern view of Biscayne Bay

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