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October 27, 2006


10/27 - Detroit River Traffic - Mike Nicholls

Hornbeck tug Tradewind Service and barge Energy 5501 downbound just above the Livingstone Channel.

Tradewind Service

Stern view

Canadian Fisheries Atigamayg at the Amherstburg Coast Guard Station.

Luedtke tug Gretchen B under the I - 75 bridge in the Rouge River.

William Hoey downbound the Detroit River at buoy D33.

Stern view

Walter J McCarthy Jr. down bound off Belanger Park.

Stern view

Canadian Survey Vessel Ontario Surveyor off of the Ojibway Salt Dock.

Stern view

10/27 - Busy evening at the Soo - Cathy Kohring

Stewart J. Cort passing the
Valley Camp museum

Slowly approaching the locks.

Close up.

Weserstern awaiting departure time.

Two more up bound in
the gathering darkness.

Mission Point benches waiting
for another Boatnerd.

10/27 - Recent Lake St. Clair traffic past Windmill Point - Alex and Max Mager

American Fortitude

American Spirit


Canadian Transfer

CSL Tadoussac

Edward L. Ryerson

Federal Yukon

Herbert C. Jackson

Indiana Harbor

Lee A. Tregurtha

Presque Isle

Radium Yellowknife

Sam Laud

10/27 - Nanticoke loading at Goderich Elevator - Dale Baechler




10/27 - Welland Canal traffic at Lock Seven - Alex Howard


Morpeth and Algonorth


10/27 - Herbert C. Jackson arriving in Marquette - Lee Rowe

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