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October 30, 2006

10/30 St. Clair River traffic - Tom Welles

American Valor anchored at the Recor Anchorage

Malta B down bound at Port Huron

Earl W. Oglebay up bound at Marysville after unloading stone

Tanker across from Marysville

10/30 - Cleveland and Lorain storm scenes - Dave Scali

Maumee taking a look at the harbor entrance.

Heavy weather

"G" tug Rhode Island standing by if Maumee decides to make an entrance.

"G" tug Illinois also waiting.
Maumee decided not to try it.

Lorain Harbor is as rough as Cleveland.

Manistee makes an exit from the gypsum dock in Lorain.

Full power.

10/30 - St. Marys River boats at anchor waiting for the wind to die down - Theresa Parker

ASC vessel at anchor

Arthur K. Atkinson

Cedarglen at anchor

Drummond Island stone dock

Saginaw down bound

Another ASC boat at anchor.

10/30 - Seaway Scenes - Kent Malo

Old Glory on the Hannah barge flying stiffly in the strong wind that has beset the Seaway at Cote Ste. Catherines, Quebec, wharf.

James A Hannah waiting for winds to subside at Cote Ste. Catherines wharf.

Spar Garnet at the Cote Ste. Catherines wharf idle for Sunday, will resume unloading on Monday.

Another view.

10/30 - Canadian Provider waiting on the wind above Welland Lock Seven - Al Howard


10/30 - Thunder Bar Parking Lot off Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain

Paul R. Tregurtha
Edward L. Ryerson

 Wide view of all vessels anchored Sunday morning
 in Thunder Bay

Paul R. Tregurtha

Edward L. Ryerson

CSL Tadoussac

Arthur M. Anderson & CSL Tadoussac

CSL Tadoussac

Edward L. Ryerson

Arthur M. Anderson

10/30 - Tug/barge Cleveland/Cleveland Rocks sits in the Lorain Harbor, waiting out bad weather - Jack Tiller


10/30 - Saginaw River - Gordy Garris

Olive L. Moore/Lewis J. Kuber departing from Saginaw

Bow profile

Olive L. Moore

Stern view

10/30 - Georgian Bay scenes - David Maynard

Final days of tug Georgian Storm (Rene Simard) in Penetanguishene harbour.

Mississagi in Midland delivering stone.

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