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November 4, 2006


Detroit River scenes - Tom Welles

American Century at Zug Island

Alpena at Lafarge

Cinnamon at Detroit Terminal

11/4 - Voyageur Pioneer being painted in Hamilton - Kent Malo
Note: She is due to sail on Sunday.

11/4 - Detroit River Traffic - Tom Welles

Station Belle Isle crew search for "person in the water" near Cobo Hall

Agawa Canyon passing Belle Isle
Canadian Transport  up bound at Cobo Hall

Algosar down-bound at Belle Isle

11/4 - Historical Perspective - Rudi Rabe

Agawa Canyon, unloading in the Rouge 1983

Challenger and Hannah 5801 up bound the Welland Canal (first trip on fresh water).

H. Lee White in the Trenton Channel

Paul L. Tietjen down bound Lake St. Clair 1977

1/3 - Soo Area Traffic - Lee Rowe

Algolake waiting on weather
 in Whitefish Bay.

Canadian Provider

Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society research vessel David Boyd.

Mesabi Miner up bound

Tug Tenacious

Recovered rudder

Ojibway makes a delivery to
Paul R. Tregurtha

"Big Paul" down at the Mission

Headed to Six Mile

11/3 - Stoneport Traffic - Ben & Chanda McClain

Great Lakes Trader loading

Algorail departing

Algorail with Wolverine in bound


Approaching the dock.

All secure

Boom up, ready to load

Agawa Canyon passing by
out in the lake

11/3 - BBC Bornholm downbound on the Black Rock Canal at Ferry St. bridge under escort of the "G" tug Washington - Brian Wroblewski



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