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November 12, 2006

11/12 - Edmund Fitzgerald Memorial Service at River Rouge - Roger LeLievre

Bagpiper plays from the deck of the Westcott.

A bell was rung 29 times,
once for each seaman lost on the Fitz.

29 lanterns at water’s edge honored each crewmember.

Tug Magnetic broke out the flags
 for the occasion.

River Rouge councilman Tony Laginess and Ed Domanski, who helped build the Fitzgerald at Great Lakes Engineering Works, remember the Fitz. Domanski was on board when the vessel was launched and can be seen in the photo he is holding.

Wreath floats near the Westcott.

Wreath up close.

11/12 - Saturday at the Soo - Ben & Chanda McClain

Arthur M. Anderson passing under Mackinac bridge heading to Stoneport.

Another view

Stern view

Montrealais waiting on water levels
with tug/barge passing

Stewart J. Cort slowly
 proceeding down river

Kapitonas Stulpinas at Mission Point

Montrealais in Rock Cut

Cort in Rock Cut.

Pineglen in Rock Cut
with Canadian Olympic behind

Canadian Olympic passing

Stern view

Edward L. Ryerson in
MacArthur lock

Ready to depart

Under the bridge

Another view.

American Spirit down bound
 at West Pier

11/12 - Historical Perspective - Buffalo in the 1950's- Brian Wroblewski

Republic Steel showing nearly the same view as Dan's modern photos of the windmill assembly area. In this shot you can see the rail bridges, ore dock, furnaces, and mill shop buildings. An ore boat is tied up in the river at the ore dock in Turning Basin #2.

Winter lay up fleet tied up in the Outer Harbor.
 The Cleveland-Cliff's boats are from Left to Right: Marquette, Champlain, Frontenac, and the Mather

Every dock in town full of boats.


11/12 - Algocape loading on Owen Sound - Ed Saliwonchyk


11/12 - More scenes aboard the Reserve - Scott Tomlinson

The Reserve meets the H. Lee White
and Saginaw off Seaway Island.

he White and Saginaw fall astern
as they head into Lake St. Clair.


11/12 - Lee A. Tregurtha loading in Marquette on a snowy day - Lee Rowe



11/12 - Algocape in Owen Sound - Torben Hawksbridge

11/12 - Saginaw River Traffic - Gordy Garris

Olive L. Moore/Lewis J. Kuber at Wirt Saginaw

Moore & Kuber headed out bound Saginaw

Earl W. Oglebay turned at the Sixth Street turning basin

Oglebay stern view

Oglebay passing the E. M. Ford at LaFarge

Oglebay passing the Olive L. Moore/Lewis J. Kuber

Oglebay outbound at Zilwaukee

Stern view of Oglebay under the I-75 Bridge

11/12 - Algocape loading in Owen Sound - Wayne Brown

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