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November 15, 2006


11/15 - Maumee delivers salt to Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain

In bound past the light.


Lowering a man.

Delivering the goods.

11/15 - Toledo Area Tugs - Mike Nicholls

Gradel Co. tugs Josephine, Mighty Jessie and Pioneerland at Toledo.

Mighty Jake

Workboat Moan Lisa

Gaelic tug William Hoey upbound in Lake Erie.


11/15 - Historical Perspectives - Brian Wroblewski
More scenes from Buffalo in the 1950's.

 The City ship Canal and part of the Buffalo River from the mid-1950's. I have counted 18 boats in various locations in this shot, and this only represents a small section of the harbor area.

 The Erie Basin from the early/mid 50's when all the old Erie Canal slips and piers were still in place. the Erie Canal has been filled in and the Thruway is being built over the old right of way. You can see the detached breakwall that is now linked to the mainland today. The DL&W coal dumper is standing guard over the North Pier, where the Visiting Ship's Dock is today.

11/14 - Busy Sunday in Goderich - Wayne Brown

Maumee waiting to load salt at Sifto.

Bow view.

Glory waiting to load soybeans.

Algosteel loading salt.


Bow view.

Glory stern view.

11/14 - Historical Perspective - Edward O'Malley
Photos by Daniel O. O'Malley who was a Business Agent for the Tugs in Cleveland, Ohio back in the 1950's

"G" Tug Ohio - 1950

New Mexico

11/14 - Thunder Bay Activity - Andy Ellam

Voyageur Pioneer's first trip to Thunder Bay with her new name, finishing her load at Agricore United.

Bow view loading at Saskatchewan Wheat Pool. .

Algonorth loaded and underway downbound.

Iryda loading at Saskatchewan Wheat Pool.

11/14 - American Mariner delivers coal to Marquette - Lee Rowe

Boom in the hopper

Washing the decks.

11/14 - Montreal and Seaway Scenes - Kent Malo

Anna Desgagnes showing Bio Ship sign on starboard side indicating environment friendly fuel mixture.

Bow view coming down at Kahnawake for the Cote wharf.

Anna Desgagnes and PML tug Reliance passing in the canal at Kahnawake.

Stern view of the Anna Desgagnes down bound after turning on lake St. Louis for Cote Ste Catherines wharf.

Bulbous bow of the Anna Desgagnes.

Head on view of the Anna Desgagnes at Kahnawake.

Reliance up bound at Kahnawake.

American tug Victory at Section 5 Montreal.

Side view.

Stern view

Name on the stern of the American tug Victory.

11/14 - Duluth Scenes around Fraser Shipyard - Andrea Asleson

Edward L. Ryerson

Stern view

Side view

Museum tug Lake Superior

Barge Integrity


J. B. Ford

11/14 - Historical Perspective - Roger LeLievre
Valley Camp in drydock, place and date unknown. Wilson Marine's C.L. Austin is in the background.


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