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November 19, 2006


11/19 - Ludington, Muskegon & Frankfort Scenes - Mike NIcholls


Badger and Spartan



MCM Marine equipment, tug Tammy and dredge Kingfisher in Ludington.

Another view

Laurentien in Muskegon.

11/19 - Historical Perspectives - Rudi Rabe

Blanche Hindman aground off of St. Clair - 1977

Stern view

Gleneagles at Cleveland - 1977

Hochelaga with broken boom at Windsor - 1980

JAW Iglehart at Detroit - 1981

J. R. Sensibar with broken boom at Trenton Edison - 1977

Raymond H. Reiss at Port Colburn - 1981

West and Denton at Toledo “Frog Pond” - 1977

11/19 - Algowood arrives in Goderich to load salt - Wayne Brown

11/19 - Saginaw River Scenes - Gordy Garris

Tug Gregory J. Busch, Tug Statesboro and barges.

Gregory J. Busch close up

Statesboro close up

American Republic unloading coal at the GM dock.

11/18 - Oceanex Avalon in Montreal - Laurent Cote
She appeared to be in port  for repairs to one of her holds as workmen from  a company were on the dock with a welding machine.

Olympic Merit at Section B-4.

Oceanex Avalon stern view from Old-Port walkway.

Direct Stern view

 Cabins as seen from 2nd floor of terminal.

View on on board stern with sailors.

Air & gas hoses going into the hold.

Front view of cabins.

Bow view with bulbous bow.

Forward holds.

11/18 - Cuyahoga at Kahnawake - Kent Malo

Downbound at Kahnawake Mohawk Territorial St. Lawrence Seaway bound for the Port of Montreal Section 43.

Closer view of Cuyahoga.

Close up of the stack.

Stern view as proceeds down bound towards the CPR bridges.

11/16 - Aboard the Steamer Reserve at Calcite - Scott Tomlinson

The Moore/Kuber astern of the Reserve, they are coming in to tie up on the South dock.

The AT/B Olive L. Moore/Lewis J. Kuber arrives in Calcite as seen from Reserve's fantail.

Reserve had to shift all the way forward on the North dock for the Moore/Kuber's arrival.

11/16 - Aboard the Steamer Reserve in South Chicago - Scott Tomlinson

The Reserve backs up the Calumet River in South Chicago.

The Tug John A. Perry pulls on the Reserve's stern.

Hullets at the site of the old Republic/LTV Steel Mill.


11/16 - Voyageur Pioneer in the Welland Canal - Michel Gosselin

In Lock Three.

In Lock Seven


11/16 - Joseph H. Thompson & Jr. unloading in Erie , PA - Roman Kloecker


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