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November 20, 2006


11/20 - Historical Perspective - Roger LeLievre
Steamer Sylvania sunk at the Peerless Cement Dock in Port Huron, hust below the Blue Water Bridge, June 3, 1967 after being rammed by the Canada Steamship Line’s Renvoyle. The Sylvania was raised and returned to service; the accident ended the Renvoyle’s career.

11/20 - Historical Perspective - The barge Lillian in Sturgeon Bay - 1977 - Rudi Rabe


11/19 - Port Huron Traffic - Roger LeLievre

Edward L. Ryerson

Ryerson flies the University of Michigan flag at half mast in honor of Bo Schembechler.

Ryerson stern view, with steam from the whistle evident.

Voyageur Pioneer loading in Sarnia.

St. Marys Conquest

Tug Susan W. Hannah

John D. Leitch

Lee A. Tregurtha

Lee A. Tregurtha and Voyageur Pioneer

American Integrity

American Courage

11/19 - Calumet in Menominee - Dick Lund

11/19 - John J. Boland loading in Marquette - Lee Rowe


11/19 - Voyageur Pioneer loading in Sarnia - Andy Torrence

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