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December 28, 2006



12/28 - Historical Perspective aboard the Eugene Buffington in 1971 - Tom Morley

Up bound Soo Locks, May, 1971. Stuck in ice after exiting lock. Required lockmaster to "lock-through" a couple of loads of ice behind us, so we could back up and get a running start.

Unloading at U.S. Steel south slip, South Chicago, May, 1971.

12/28 - Tug Seneca's rescue team passing Point Louise while returning to the Soo - Georgina Naccarato

Purvis Marine tug Reliance towing Seneca.



Purvis tug and barge that were part of the team.

12/28 - Port Huron Traffic - Eddy Schuyler

Arthur M. Anderson down bound

Stern view

Samuel Risley up bound

12/28 - Clipper Tobago being towed from Hamilton to Montreal - Kent Malo

Ocean Hercule doing the pulling.

Clipper Tobago

Ocean Jupiter on the stern


12/28 - Spirit of Ontario down bound in the South shore canal, sailing for Shelburne Nova Scotia. - Kent Malo




12/28 - Olive L. Moore and Lewis J. Kuber passing through Bay City - Todd Shorkey



12/28 - Stoneport Traffic - Ben & Chanda McClain

Philip R. Clarke loading.

Backing away from the dock.

Agawa Canyon coming in to take Clarke's place at the dock.

Anchored McKee Sons waits her turn off shore.

Clarke heading out.

Agawa Canyon approaching the dock.

Along side.


12/28 - Capt. Henry Jackman in Owen Sound for lay up. - Ed. Saliwonchyk

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