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January 1, 2007

1/1 - Saginaw unloading in Goderich - Wayne Brown

1/1 - Wilfred Sykes leaving Lorain - Rex Cassidy

12/31 - Foggy day in St. Clair - Matt Lemon

American Victory down bound in the fog.



Tug Robin Lynn in the Pine River

12/31 - Michigan/Ontario Scenes - Mike Nicholls

E. M. Ford at Carrolton, MI

Tug Pup Dawg at Purvis Marine

Tug Seneca at MCM Marine

12/31 - Wisconsin Scenes - Peter Groh

Museum tug Ludington at Kewaunee

American Valor and Reserve at Bayship.

American Valor up close.

Cuyahoga in the graving dock at Bayship

12/31 - Wilfred Sykes down the St. Clair River - Alex & Max Mager

12/31 - Olive L. Moore and Lewis J. Kuber passing thru Bay City - Gordy Garris

Treading water while waiting for the bridge.

Picking up the hook.

Olive L. Moore close up

Finally thru the Liberty Bridge.

12/31 - Port Huron Scenes - George Oaks

Algosea down bound

American Spirit up bound at Vantage Point.

Wilfred Sykes down bound

12/31 - More Port Huron Scenes - Violet Bostwick

American Spirit up bound under the Blue Water Bridges.


Santa Claus on the Lightship Huron.

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