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January 2, 2007


1/2 - A rare sight - Edward L. Ryerson meets Wilfred Sykes in the St. Clair River - Capt. Eric Treece

1/2 - Lorain Traffic - Dave Scali

Wilfred Sykes in bound

Agawa Canyon ready to depart

Followed by the Sykes


1/2 - Port of Sorel-Tracy on the Richelieu River Section - René Beauchamp

Sigrun Bolten (l) and
Kathryn Spirit (r).

Kathryn Spirit

1/2 - Owen Sound Scenes - Wayne Brown

Capt. Henry Jackman in for a winter rest.

Stern view

Saginaw unloading at the grain elevators.

Putting it in the hopper.

1/2 - Saginaw River Traffic - Tim Wahl II

Out bound Maumee passing the unloading Calumet at Bay City Wirt Dock.

Calumet unloading.



Maumee passing thru the Independence Bridge.

1/2 - Historical Perspective - Aboard the Horace Johnson, December 1970 - Tom Morley

Horace Johnson South Chicago

Classic Deckhand
"Red Dog" Paulsen

Heavy weather off Conneaut, OH

More of the same.

1/2 - Saginaw River Traffic - Todd Shorkey

Calumet upbound nearing Independence Bridge

Another view

Stern view at Bay City Wirt

Maumee passing Calumet at Wirt

 Maumee Close Up

Stern view

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